Why expert advice of a gynecologist is the need of the hour?


The expert advice of a gynecologist holds you in good stead when you are pregnant, but they can be consulted before having a baby or in the process of having a baby faster. This process can speed up as they will go on to ask you about your last period dates, and then go on to advice which are the best days to conceive and that to a healthy baby. There are a host of things which you would like to discuss with your friends, but one thing is indeed embarrassing, which you would only like to discuss with the best gynecologists in Thane considering it is vital for your sexual wellness or reproductive health. Let us now analyze the issues you would like to discuss with your gynecologist.

Bleeding after sex

There is no need to panic if you bleed the first time after a rough session of sex, but see to it that it happens one and is occasional, for if it is more than once you would need to seek the opinion of a female doctor. Bleeding after sex can stem from an infection or dryness.

Irregular monthly periods

When you follow an irregular monthly period, it is not normal and you should need to consult the services of a lady doctor. These are all the more so even if you are not pregnant, and have periods between now and then, make sure you seek the services of a doctor. You can go on to discuss your period flow with your doctor and seek her advice on whether it needs any form of attention or not. Sometimes irregular cycle may call for a hormonal imbalance or an infection.

The case of unprotected sex

Say for example, if you had unprotected sex and not noticed any changes in your monthly cycle or any incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. There could be a chance that your body is vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases but the symptoms may not show up at all. It is recommended that you inform your doctor if you had unprotected sex.

Information about vaccination or Pap smear

You can seek the advice of your doctor on the various types of pre-vaccination which is available before pregnancy and when to have them so that you can conceive in a better way. At no point, you should not miss out on the regular Pap smear.

Sexual partners

Talk to your doctor about the incidence of sexual pleasures which you might have had in the past as the whole objective is to seek divine pleasures in a safe manner.

In the modern era obstetricians & gynecologists in Thane, have made themselves on the online platform and with regards to this a lot of information is available in an easy manner. A host of issues can be discussed and the expert opinion of a gynecologist can be taken in this regard. With regards to family planning any issue of unwanted pregnancy can be solved by your gynecologist. They are the best people to advice you when it comes to family planning along with the safe or secure health of your baby. It is the duty of your gynecologist to advice on when you want to get pregnant and when you do not want.

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