Why and how to find a good home cleaning service in Mumbai

and how to find a good home cleaning service in Mumbai

In a city as widespread and diverse as Mumbai, where dust and many other particles ply and make life difficult, it is important to have regular home cleaning done.

Imagine this, the pollution and dust level of a metro city like Mumbai is many times higher than that of the tier2 city like Ahmedabad or tier 3 city like Amritsar. Since there is lot of dust and pollution, it makes life difficult by proliferating it into our houses.

These particles can be inhaled, or can adversely impact your health if they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. The good news is – almost all of us have a home cleaning regimen that takes care of the regular dirt that gets deposited in the most visible areas of the house, and sometimes we do take care of deep corners as well, but what about the most hostile corners in the house where everything looks inaccessible?

There is a solution

With lies in two things, either you can go ahead and clean things up, all by yourself using some advance equipment, or you can hire some sort of professional home cleaning services. But the dilemma often turns out to be the cost, as often in the cities the costs do tend to inflate and there seems to be nothing organized. For instance- if you go to find a home cleaning service in Mumbai near Pali hill, you are bound be charged twice of the amount you are likely to pay for a similar home cleaning service in Mulund.

There is a lot of disparity, and the flawed logic that the service providers go by suggesting that anyone living in expensive areas would be willing to shell out more for the same services, but we know that’s not true.

This app will help

If you think that some folks using their brains to make life easier through apps, and other sort of digital services didn’t note it – then you are wrong. There is an existing solution that really works very well, there is this app from UrbanClap Company that provides professionals at discounted rate, and they perform end to end cleaning and get things done promptly so that you don’t waste your time. It all works in a very competitive bidding environment that lets you select the best services at the least rate, and as and when you use the services, you have the option of rating them, which makes your job easier and gives a perspective about users who subsequently use the services. The best service is the packers and movers in Mumbai, with good amount of ratings.

Is it safe?

You bet! These guys at UrbanClap Company get professionals on board, only if they undergo their stringent background checks and police verification, as far as paying them is concerned, you have an option to pay them either through cash, or you can pay them in advance through paytm wallet.

What about paying to UrbanClap Company?

Well, again, this is bound to take you by surprise, but the answer is – nil! You don’t pay a dime to UrbanClap, it just gets you the professionals whom you sign up and use their services, it is easy and as efficient as you think it can get.

So now whether you live in Mahim or Bandra, Khar or Bhandup, home cleaning in Mumbai will be a uniform affair, with no extra fees nor any sort of charges levied on services. And also the amazing packers and moversinMumbai .

UrbanClap Company has been around for quite a while, and currently covers over 50 services in four different cities including Mumbai  with the plans of expanding in 15 other cities soon. You can download UrbanClap app for free on both android and apple smartphones, and enjoy the improved home cleaning experience.

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