Which Gate is Right for You?

Gate is Right for You

If you’re looking to make a statement with your home or increase your kerb appeal, one of the easiest ways to do it is with a brand-new gate. Whether you want to secure your driveway, create a safe place for your children to play or just provide your home with a beautiful entrance-way, a new gate is a superb investment for your property

There are many benefits to having a new gate installed, from safety to home appearance, you can finish the look of your garden with the perfect gate. With so many gates in North Wales to choose from there’s no reason you can’t find one that’s just right for you. As with any new purchase there are a lot of things to consider when finding the best fit.

Safety and Security

One of the main purposes of a gate is to provide added security to your property to keep you and your belongings safe. Blocking pavement access to your home means that you can have an enclosed area that you and your children can enjoy. Installing a large gateway to your drive stops your car being exposed to the street and creates your own private parking space out of view of passers-by. When choosing the right gate for you, consider how busy your street is and how high you will need your gate to be to provide maximum security for your garden and drive.

Material and Finish

The primary two materials most home gates are made from are metal and various types of wood. Both materials bring their own benefits and it is important to decide which you feel is more suitable for you. There is often a lot more choice when it comes to wooden gates, with various wood types and finishes to choose from- the most common being pressure treated pine. Metal is the stronger of the two and is generally longer-lasting. However, with most metal gates, instead of a block panel they consist of metal bars that unlike wood, expose you to the street.

Gate Mechanisms

Whether you go for a classic locked gate or an automated gate, there is still a lot to choose from. Gate locks come in all shapes and sizes and more than one can be applied to any gate to increase the security as well as ensuring you have ease of access. Automated gates can be customised with cameras and even speakers so you always know who is by your property. While the cost is generally higher, there are a lot of added benefits to electric gates.


If you want to enclose your front garden, block off your back garden or protect your drive, finding a gate that fits the area is crucial. Checking the limitations of the area you want to gate off and measuring where you wish the gate to go will ensure that the gate you select matches the area perfectly. Consider in advance which way you want the gate to operate, or whether you want it to open both ways.

Ready-made or build your own?

There are thousands of different gates to choose from, coming completely pre-made or custom designed and sized to fit your home. Off the shelf gates can be cost-effective and are available in various sizes and heights that are designed to fit most drives or paths. Custom sized gates can be a little more expensive than pre-made but offer a snugger fit.

If you want a gate to fit your drive or path perfectly and fancy getting your hands a little dirty then many people choose to make their own gates. Choose a quality builders merchant in North Wales which can provide all the materials you need to build and install your own gate, as well as any extra tools you may need for a secure fitting. You can also ensure that the gate matches your current fencing in colour and style, something ready-made gates may not be able to provide.

The Gate for You

Finding the right gate for your property is the first step to creating a safer home along with helping to increase in your house value. Gated homes not only appeal more to buyers but also help you to feel that extra bit protected when using your garden and drive- something you can’t put a price on.

Check out your local builder’s merchants for excellent advice on how best to gate your home and view the choices available to you. Richard Williams builder’s merchants offers an extensive variety of wooden gates, all made to blend in perfectly with most fencing types. Whether deciding on a driveway gate or a smaller entry gate to give your garden path a bit of a make-over, there is plenty to choose from. Don’t hesitate to protect your property and find a gate that is just right for you.

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