What you should know about domestic red eye flights

Vistara Airlines

A lot of times there is a heavy rush at airports due to vacation season, etc. At these particular intervals boarding a flight can be tough. To simplify things for passengers many air carriers such as Vistara Airlines have adjusted a time frame for flights either late at night or early in the morning. And, the term used for these flights is called red-eye flights. The name is as such because one usually experiences red eyes during such uncommon hours during the night (when it is mostly sleeping hours for people).

Why the need of such flights?

International passengers (especially from the U.S.), who travel to countries like India, usually arrive around midnight, and then would wait for a flight scheduled in the morning. This would lead to lot of wastage of time just sitting at the airport. Delhi Goa flights that are one of the most demanded flights by international passengers were previously unable to get one as soon as they landed at the airports. However, the concept, that has been popular in the West, has now gained momentum here in India as well.

Passengers who travel frequently for business or personal purposes can take one of such red-eye flights from Vistara Airlines or a similar air carrier service that has initiated it for their customers. Another reason to choose such flights is due to a much affordable price compared to day flights. Business passengers have particularly gained an advantage with such flights as now they can return home after attending a meeting the same day without being stuck in heavy traffic during daytime.

How has it impacted the society?

With the gradual increase in the number of red-eye Delhi Goa flights, etc. there has been an surge in the hotel occupancy in the areas around airports as well. Travelers who are looking forward to stay for a couple of hours can now get any type of hotel room on hourly basis near their domestic terminals easily. A study noted that almost 70% bookings were seen between 11 at night and 4 in the morning, while the remaining percentage of bookings were operational during the daytime.

What to do before boarding a red-eye domestic flight?

Traveling on a red-eye flight may not be similar to a daytime flight. Some may experience unusual discomfort. Here’s what you can do to ease your flight time.

  • Take a window seat:

As red-eye flights operate during night hours, a passenger may want to catch some Z’s. For that, booking a window seat would be helpful as you will be left undisturbed in those seats. Plus, you can get the window to support your head as well.

  • Choose a comfortable outfit for the journey:

If you are planning on boarding a late-night flight, then you may want to wear something that is comfortable throughout the journey. This is because night hours are sleeping hours and there is a high possibility that you are going to end up sleeping. So, why not sleep comfortably. You may also want to carry a neck pillow to add in the extra convenience.

So red-eye flights are becoming popular in countries like India as well. If you have already not been on one of these scheduled flights, then it is time to try one for an unusual experience.

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