What Should I Be Looking at For the Best Wireless Headphones when Watching a Film or TV?

the Best Wireless Headphones when Watching a Film or TV

Wireless headphones are pretty amazing and something which people not too long ago would have been surprised at seeing, never mind using! So, what can you do if you want to keep the volume down on the big screen when either watching something on it?

This could be because you don’t want to keep anyone awake, the neighbours might complain, there’s even some kind of background sound which is annoying your screen viewing, or you just like things loud!

Making the Right Choice

To select the idealpair for your needs, you will need to choose whether you will always be watching the screen, or whether you wish to move around and just listen to the audio.

  • You’ll also want to check out the headphones battery life and operating range, on any pair that you are thinking about.

Two Main Types

The main decision when selecting jbl wireless headphones in Singapore is whether to get RF headphones or IF headphones.


  • RF stands for “radio frequency’ and this means that the sound is transmitted via radio waves in the very same method as used by a radio station or a cordless phone.
  • The only disadvantage of RF headphones is receiving interference from other electronic devices as in cordless phones, wireless networking and even microwave ovens.
  • Should you have a number of such devices, it might be well worth looking out for headphones that let you adjust the frequency of the signal.


  • This stands for “infrared” and these transmit data in a beam of light that is picked up by a headphone receiver, but cannot be seen by the eyes.
  • IF works just like the majority of remote controls.
  • The main benefit is that it provides for improved sound as both the left and right channels don’t have to keep merging together and then separate again like the RF headphones do.
  • The only downer is that it only operates if it’s in the line of sight of the transmitter.
  • This is great when watching the screen, but is not that efficient if you want to wander off somewhere out of the line of view of the transmitter.

Other Considerations

Think about the headphone’s battery life when making your choice. If they have a short battery life, it can end up somewhat frustrating as it will mean you will be regularly recharging.

  • Also, check out if the headphones can be charged while you are using them.

And if so, make sure that the charging lead is indeed long enough so that you can comfortably make use of the headphones while they are plugged in and charging.

Range of Signal

  • It’s also a good idea to look over the headphones operating range, especially with regards to the RF model type.

Having access to a long operating range will grant you the ability to move about your home without missing anything on the screen!

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