What is the difference between a type 21 and 22 radiator?

What is the difference between a type 21 and 22 radiator

There are a few types of convector radiator and it is important to determine the right one for your home so you get the correct heat levels. The main radiator types for most homes are type 21 and type 22. Read on to discover the difference between these radiators and how to know which one to choose.

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Types of Radiator

When looking for ways to keep the house warm over winter, there are many low-tech methods to consider, such as thick curtains, draught excluders and heating timers. However, most people look to their central heating and their radiators. Convector radiators come in various types, such as type 11, type 33, type 21 and type 22. The most common are the latter two types, but it’s important to know the difference.

Type 21 radiators are sometimes called P+ and type 22 radiators are sometimes known as K2. The main difference between these types is the number of fins or convectors inside the radiators. Type 21 radiators carry two panels which hold a single layer of fins or convectors. Type 22 carries two panels with two layers of fins or convectors.

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An easy way to remember this difference is to look at the numbers. The first number is for the panels and the second number is for the fins or convectors. More convectors mean more heat output. Type 22 radiators are deeper than the type 21 because more room is required to store the convectors.

Which Radiator is Best for You?

Other radiator types, such as the type 11 and 33, are less common. Type 11 has no back panel, whilst type 33 has three layers, so this offers the highest heat output and is thickest in construction. Column radiators, such as those available at apolloradiators.co.uk/designer-radiators/roma-horizontal-steel-column-radiator are a good choice for many different sizes of room and come in many styles.

For the smallest rooms, a type 11 radiator would be the best choice. For slightly larger rooms a type 21 radiator gives a balance of slimness and heat output. Type 22 is better for larger rooms where a higher heat output is needed. For the biggest spaces where a large amount of heat is needed, type 33 is the best choice. The best type of radiator to select is determined by space restrictions and heat requirements.

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