What Can I Do? My Hair is Thinning Way Too Fast!

What Can I Do? My Hair is Thinning Way Too Fast!

These days, hair replacement has become a global multi-billion pound business and with more people out there wishing to look younger, hair replacement is definitely something which is considered when people find that their hair is thinning.

  • Hair loss comes from a hereditary condition called “androgenic alopecia” and occurs in both men and women

This occurs when testosterone transforms into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body, which then evolves into a hormone thus giving rise to hereditary baldness.

Today’s Remediesfor Hair Loss

We all know that many more males by far are prone to losing their hair and balding than females. And in most cases, when people realise that they actually are suffering from any hair loss, they then want to remedyit.

Currently there are Three Hair Replacement Remedies and those are:

1 – Traditional Non-Surgical Hair Integration

Wigs and hair pieces have been around since the times of the ancient Egyptians and Romans. Today, hairpieces and wigs are very easy to purchase and then attachto one’s head, as easy as that. (Evident, maybe)

2–Tonics and Treatments

There are a range of products presently out there on the market, all of which claim that they will re-grow back someone’s hair. This kind of treatment normally thickens strands of hair and then makes it feel as if there’s more hair, instead of actually growing it back. However, there is another newer product which has a special protein for hair, which is showing great hope for hair regrowth.

3 – Surgical Method

These have been around for over half a century now and arecommonly considered for those who still have hair remaining and growing on the sides and the rear of their head.

The hair transplant is the method of surgically replacing lost hair by the skilful grafting of portions of the scalp from the lower back and sides of the head, (where it is still growing) and then replacing it to grow hair on bald areas

There’s also a more extreme surgical method which is known as a “scalp reduction” and carried out by the removing of bald parts of thescalp in sections. Thesurgeon then stretches the remaining scalp together,and cover and fill in the bald areas with scalp which still has healthy hair growing upon it.

Which oneis for you?

Those out there who are on the lookoutfor a hair loss solution will have to at some time or other make the choice of which type of hair replacement is perfect for them.

  • Different horses for different courses as the old saying goes!

Without any doubt, your time and money can be perfectly well spent on one of the above hair replacement solutionsand with the most wonderfulresults. Just make real sure that you carefully select wisely and everything will work out exactly how you wished it would! Dreams can indeed come true!

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