What are the Benefits of the Plant Wood Sorrel?

Benefits of the Plant Wood Sorrel

One of the rare plants that have healing properties only when fresh is the Wood Sorrel (Oxalis acetosella). Drying loses almost all beneficial ingredients and becomes toxic. It is very widespread in the deciduous and coniferous forests, and where it grows by itself. www.courtneyholmbergnd.ca is a place where you can learn a lot of things about your health and how to take a good care of it.

It has small whitish blossoms laced with barely visible reddish veins. It is a multi-year plant with three-piece leaves, cloves and flowers, from April to August. It is evenly distributed on rounded surfaces and covers the ground like carpet. It is usually located where there is a mushroom.

The acidity is based on oxalic acid, which is present in large quantities. The concentration decreases with the arrival of the night, and increases with the sun. Of other ingredients, there are mostly carotenes, routine, ascorbic and other organic acids. It is prepared exclusively fresh. During flowering, the plant is odorless, but has a fresh and acidic taste due to oxalic acid.

Although the official medicine did not place this plant in its sphere of interest, it is used in the traditional medicine for centuries. Freshly harvested as a whole is prepared as a drink, which helps get rid of heartburn and other disorders in digestion and helps in the work of the liver. In order to achieve the desired effect, two cups of chilled tea are consumed daily. Warm tea, also two cups a day, is recommended for kidney inflammation, skin rash, and it is also effective as a blood cleanser and diuretic.

Some people use this incredible plant to prevent certain types of cancer, primarily the stomach. For these purposes, people prepare a juice from the plant by using fresh leaves mixed with distilled water in the ratio of 1: 3. This drink is taken as a drop, at six o’clock in the afternoon.

Also, the leaves of the flowers can be added into soups made from vegetables, spinach or salad, as they stimulate appetite and make you feel better and more energized.

Although, if you have no experience using this plant, note that it should not be exaggerated with it, because it is rich in oxalic acid, which in large quantities can lead to kidney damage.

Make yourself a refreshing drink

A handful of freshly picked leaves and flowers are dipped in a liter of boiling water and allowed to stand for two, three minutes. You can create a warm or chilled drink, depending on the health problems you have. Cold sweetened drink made from this plant is very nice during high temperatures in summer because it refreshes our whole body and helps us handle the heath much easier.

As you can notice, the benefits of the plant Wood Sorrel are many since it can help with a big number of health problems.

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