Walk through the splendid natural sites of Mussoorie

natural sites of Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a refreshing hill station situated at a distance of thirty-five kilometres from Dehradun. The hill station is crammed with outstanding natural sites, striking vistas, and engaging landscapes. The streak of destinations, a thread of sites and amazing panoramas make this hill station extremely popular among traveling buffs.

Once you visit this hill station, you will get a lot of rejuvenation and the diverse sites of this place will fill you with splendour. So, just check out the Mussoorie budget hotels and book cosy rooms for a convenient and a pleasing trip. For now, have a look at some of the splendid natural sites.

Jharipani Falls:

This spot is exclusively for the ones who are deeply in love with nature. The place is situated quite near to this hill station and attracts a huge number of tourists. The trekkers love the area that is scattered around these waterfalls.The natural sites of Jharipani Falls are very engaging and take the visitors on a heavenly tour. The calm environs, welcoming sounds and the fresh airs, really a perfect place for a get away from the materialistic world. So, cherish trekking Deeds, explore the natural thrill and imbibe tranquillity from this spot.

Mossy fall

Mossy Falls is located in a very thick forest and is one of the chief tourist spot in Mussoorie. It is just seven kilometres from hill station. The marvellous scenic views and the serene surroundings will absolutely make you fall in love with this very friendly spot. The greenery all around gives a treat to eyes!

Bhatta Falls

These falls are mapped about seven kilometres from hill station. It is a captivating space and is free from the annoyances of commercialization. The place has transformed into a favoured tourist spot and people visit here in a large number to enjoy the excitement and magnificence of these falls. A thrilling thing about this place is that it is vastly photogenic. The perfect backdrop, vivacious environs and melodic sounds of water falls make this spot worth visiting. And yes, once you are there, don’t miss to dip in the refreshing water pond!

Lake Mist

The Kempty falls along with its pouring waters make this Lake Mist. The lake has a well-known eco-friendly resort located in Mussoorie known as Lake Mist Resort. It is a very spectacular and enthralling natural place for the nature buffs. Lake Mist has made a great niche among thetourists and visitors. The beauty of this place is that you can visit there at any time of the year and you will get the same thrill.

Thus, the bottom line is that if you really want to experience the true sense of nature, the depth of natural plethora and the excitement of heavenly feel, you must visit Mussoorie at least once in your life time. After all, the richness you relish here cannot be felt anywhere else. So, find out a good India hotel Mussoorie and book your rooms for a pleasant and comfortable stayover.

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