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Indian weddings are all about memories and emotions. As Indian are better known for their fetish for different types of jewellery, their weddings are also like a great fashion show. Every Indian bride loves to wear beautiful jewellery pieces on her wedding. In India, wearing jewelleries on the auspicious occasions like wedding, considered as a symbol of good fortune. Earrings, rings, and necklaces are very common, but there are many not-so-common jewellery pieces that can take your wedding style quotient to the next level. If you are going to Shop Traditional Bridal Jewellery, then read this blog for better assistance.

Traditional Wedding Jewellery essentials for an Indian bride

There are a few jewellery pieces that can add lots of elegance and appeal to your entire look. Just take a look at the below-listed traditional wedding jewellery online for a perfect Indian bridal look:

  1. Maang Tikka: Among all, Maang Tikka is always on the top of the list. The reason is very simple. A good and perfect maang tikka never actually moved out of the list and from the fashion scenes as well. Beautifully designed maang tikka can embellish your forehead and make you look as gorgeous as a style diva. Every face shape has a different requirement when it comes to picking a maang tikka. For example- a bride who has a broader forehead can pick the maang tikka which is larger in size and brides with smaller forehead can pick the smaller tikka for a perfect wedding look.
  2. Nose Ring: Just like the maang tikka, nose ring can also enhance the beauty of a bride’s face. From a stud to a big ring style nose ring, there are various styles and types available in the nose rings. You can choose as per your dress requirement, other jewellery pieces, and of course as per your face shape. There are many styles available. From a simple pearl chain style to a Kundan work, everything is available now. Make a selection carefully because a traditional bridal look is incomplete without a perfect nose ring.
  3. Toe Rings and Anklets: Usually traditional style toe rings and anklets are made of silver. These two are an essential part of bridal jewelleries. These two are considered as the holy symbol of matrimony. When you wear them, they look very elegant and tasteful.
  4. Waist Band: As a bride, if you want to wear a saree on your wedding, then waist band can boost up your beauty of the whole body. It can also add some panache and glamour to your bridal attire.
  5. Bridal Bangles: Here we are not talking about the colorful bangles or diamond and gold bangles. The traditional bridal bangles are better known as ‘chooda’. It comes in various shades and style. It is a symbol of newly wed women. The vibrant colors of these bridal bangles can do marvels to your whole look.

So, these are the not-so-common type of traditional jewellery pieces. You can Shop Traditional Bridal Jewellery online as well as directly from the stores. Now, handicraft jewellery is also in trends. You can wear them for the pre-wedding functions for a unique look. You can also find and Buy Handcraft Jewellery Online to salvage cost and your precious time.

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