Top Climbing Records

Top Climbing Records

If you’ve got young budding climbers in your family, you might be interested in these cool climbing world records. Fostering a love of outdoor pursuits and exercise is important from a young age for a healthy lifestyle and to maintain a healthy weight. Here are some records set by people who love to challenge themselves and enjoy climbing:

Fastest 100m run & Rope Climb – This impressive record was set by Alicia Weber in Clermont, Florida in 2012. She achieved a 100m run and 12-foot arms-only rope climb in an incredible 20.57 seconds.

Most Stairs Climbed – This record still stands and has not been challenged yet. It was set in Utah in 2012 when an Evan Lemmon climbed a whopping 10 stairs in one step.

Fastest Dual Rope Climb – The fastest time to climb a dual rope with a 14-pound medicine ball held between legs is held by Andreas Weaver of Anaheim, California. Andreas climbed the rope with the ball perched between his knees in a staggering time of 16.78 seconds.

Most 5m climbs in 60 seconds – Marcus Bondi of Sydney, Australia achieved five climbs of a five-metre rope in one minute on 31st January 2010. The record still stands if you fancy challenging it?

Longest balance between two walls – Sioux City, Iowa was the location for the setting of this record in April 2012. Michael James managed to hold his weight balanced between two walls for 15 minutes and 59.20 seconds. Now that’s some strength!

Free Climbing Yosemite’s Dawn Wall – Adam Ontra has set a new world record for the fastest free climb of the 3,000-foot granite wall of Yosemite’s Dawn Wall. It’s considered to be one of the hardest walls to climb in the whole world. It normally takes months, but Adam did it in 8 days!

Quickest Ascent of Everest – The Guinness World Record for the fastest climb of a climbing wall equivalent to the height of Everest belongs to Tim Klein of the United States. In Los Angeles, Tim climbed the same height of the mountain in 9 hours, 26 minutes and 15 seconds! To get your kids exercising and doing some climbing of their own, think about investing in Childrens Wooden Climbing Frames from ni climbing frames

Fastest Mile on a Climbing Wall – Paul Gray of the UK climbed the fastest mile in an impressive 2 hours, 16 minutes and 5 seconds. He had to make 191 ascents of the climbing wall to reach the mile. He also raised more than £4000 for a mental health charity.

Bicycle Stair Climb – This record was set in Chicago by Krystian Herba who achieved a climb of 3,461 steps whilst on a bike. He set this unchallenged record in October 2016 by climbing the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Biggest Distance Rock Climbing in 24 hours – This record happened in the aptly named town of Boulder in Colorado in 2011. The biggest vertical distance rock climbing in 24 hours was 29,130 feet, achieved by Will Levandowski. The climb included climbing a 10-foot rock formation 2883 times in this 24-hour record.

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