Tips for Setting Up Your Own Catering Company

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If you have a love of the culinary arts, enjoy variety, and have a penchant for business,then pursuing a catering company may be the right path for you. Running your own company can be incredibly rewarding, albeit a little stressful at times! The fast pace of the events industry makes for an exhilarating career, in which no two days are the same. By being a part of someone’s important event, you can really make an impact and ensure they have a special day. If you’re thinking about becoming a caterer, here are a few tips to get you started.

Securing the Client

Once your business-plan is in place, securing a client is your first step on the road to making your catering dreams a reality. In order to do this, you will need to make sure clients are able to track you down, so place plenty of advertisements and set up your own website. Once the enquiries start rolling in, it is essential that you respond to them quickly. Not only does this ensure that the client isn’t lost to another company, it also proves to them that you are focussed and reliable. In your first contact with them, try to gain as much information as possible about their event and their wants and needs, as this will allow you to ascertain whether your company has the capability and the expertise needed to deliver. Once you have compiled an accurate quote, it’s time to make it official. Provide your client with a full breakdown of your costings for their peace of mind.

The Right Equipment

Once you’ve secured your client and have a good idea of the scale and scope of the event, you will need to make sure you have the right equipment to make it all happen. It is a good idea to visit the site of the event beforehand, so that you can get a feel for how much space you will have and ascertain how many staff will be required to run the event.This will also allow you to seewhat equipment is already available and what you need to supply yourself. There are online catering equipment stores which act as a one-stop-shop for events, with everything from napkins, bar supplies, chinaware and chef whites to shelving, kitchen equipment and appliances. Prices are often cheaper online, and there is the added bonus that you can have everything delivered directly to the event location.

Get Organised

When packing for the event, ensure that you have a list of everything you need in advance and check it off before you leave and when you arrive at the venue. One of the most useful things to look at is your menu, as this allows you to walk through the process in your mind and ensure you have every ingredient and piece of equipment needed to make it happen. Brief your staff thoroughly to ensure everyone is up to speed with their role.

Running your first catering gig can be daunting, but it is a huge achievement and one to be celebrated. If you come properly prepared, you are sure to pull off a great event and secure the reviews you need to fill up your diary.

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