The Top 5 Snacks For Footballers

The Top 5 Snacks For Footballers

Although it might be tempting to snack on crisps and chocolate, the energy boost you get won’t last for long. Instead, you may just end up feeling bloated or that your hunger wasn’t satisfied. There are many other snacks that work well to keep your energy levels up whilst also being good for your body. Here are some of the snacks that work well for footballers.

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Turn to tropical fruits, which are slowly broken down to release energy. Pineapple and mango are perfect examples; just make sure they are fresh and not from the tin in order to receive the full benefit.

A sandwich

Egg and tuna are the safest bets to help satisfy your hunger around an hour before training without leaving you feeling too full. Even half a sandwich might be enough, so know your limit to make sure you aren’t left feeling too full.

Rice Pudding

Just like certain fruits, rice pudding releases its energy slowly and also comes in a handy pot, so it’s perfect for a quick snack before the hard work begins.

Protein bar

Not only will you get a protein boost, but these often contain lower-GI carbs that are released slowly. They may look like chocolate bars and have the same sweet taste, but they are certainly a much better option for you.

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Energy drink

There is some controversy surrounding energy drinks and how effective they actually are. The trick is to wait until you begin your warm-up before consuming one of these. If you have one too early, you will just lose the isotonic benefit that having one at the right time gives you.

There are many different ways to help your team come together. Ensuring that you have team football kits, such as those found at, is just one of the ways. Providing healthy and nutritious snacks is another way. It sounds simple, but making sure your team is full of energy and ready for a game helps them prepare and do their best. You might even want to take a leaf out of Gareth Bale’s book and adopt an afternoon sleep routine to help with stamina.

Making sure you eat the right snacks can have an impact on your performance. Think carefully about what you eat and whether there is enough healthy nutrition to help you achieve.

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