The Milwaukee Bucks- How Did Bango Become The Beloved Mascot Of The Team?

Sandy Petrocelli

Bango is the adorable deer like mascot of the Milwaukee Bucks and he has been entertaining fans of the team for over 40 years now. Ever since his introduction Bango has undergone many makeovers throughout the years. He is one of the most persistent performers when it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks team. When the team held a contest to name their mascot, Bango was the first choice among fans!

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of Wisconsin teams and he says like the history of his favorite teams, he is keen on the history of mascots. Besides the Milwaukee Bucks, he is also fond of the Milwaukee Brewers and the Green Bay Packers. Coming back to Bango, he says that this adorable mascot is a permanent fixture of the home games of the team. Fans both young and old love his stunts on the field and he is famous for his acrobatic performances. He is also known for his fan interaction skills and when it comes to accuracy of shots, he never fails to deliver.

How did Bango get his name?

The official mascot of the Milwaukee Bucks got his name from Eddie Doucette. He was the play announcer for the team and has been with it for a long time. Bango has been the mascot for the team since 1977 and is known for his antics on the field. He has the sole motto of energizing the fans of the team when he appears on the field. He does manage to cheer up fans with success!

Bango also has a good life

Ever since his arrival at the games of the Milwaukee Bucks, Bango has evolved as the official mascot of the team. He got his first car in 1984 and tied the knot in 2002. Today, fans are happy when they see Bango Jr. with his father at the home games. Bango does many stunts but that does not mean that he is not susceptible to injuries. Bango did suffer from some injuries and had to be taken off field for some time. One of his stunts also needed surgery however he did come back with a bang in 2012.

Bango today is one of the most engaging performers of the Milwaukee Bucks. Like the players of the team, he too has his share of loyal fans. Children love him and they look forward to his appearance at every match that the team plays on home ground. He is still remembered today for his famous Ladder Dunk- there are popular videos on You Tube that are viewed today.

Sandy Petrocelli says that the official mascots of the NFL and the NBA are just like the players of their teams. They are loved and adored by fans across the USA. They form an integral part of the history of the team and this is why no game is incomplete without them. Moreover, they entertain children and this makes them crucial when it comes to drawing in new fans for the teams that play at tournaments!

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