Should you buy or rent a trade exhibition stand?

trade exhibition stand

There is no doubt that participating in business exhibitions can make a great impact to an organization. This is because such events offer a platform for business to be in face to face contact with their clients. Besides having a personal engagement with clients, trade show exhibitions are also the place for a company to introduce new products in the market, get new customers, and distribute the business content marketingmaterials. To make it short, the benefits that come withparticipating in business exhibitions are endless.

Some companies are still reluctant to invest in a trade show stand

Despite the many benefits that come with business exhibitions, there are a number of entrepreneurs who are still hesitant on whether to participate in the events or not. Some think that exhibitions come with large financial investments that thebusiness cannot afford. Other companies do not want the financialcommitments that comes with the event, and especially when it comes to purchasing exhibition stands. Whatever the reason is, the company can end up losing on a large investment opportunity by not participating in the event.

Is exhibition stand renting the best solution?

When it comes to exhibition booth design in Shanghai, there are quite a number of options to choose from and at times, a company can be at a fix on whether to purchase or rent the trade exhibition stand. If the financial position of a company does not allow them to purchase the stand, renting can turn out to be the best alternative. Here are someof the reasons why exhibition stand renting is a perfect choice.

Less expensive

When renting an exhibition booth, you will only incur a fraction of what you have to spend when purchasing the same booth. For a company to minimize on the expenses that come with trade exhibitions, renting the booth can be a great solution.

Design flexibility

Another advantage with renting the stand is that it offers all the benefits found in customized exhibition stands. If you rent the stand from qualified and experiences builders, they will deliver the booth with all the customization features available in other stands. With renting the stand, you will also have the privilege of changing the materials as many times as you want to achieve design flexibility.

Smaller commitments

If you are still not sure of the exhibitions outcome, rented exhibition stands can come in handy. This is because you will be able to participate in the event with an outstanding, professional stand and have less financial commitments. You can then determine if the event works out for your organization and decide whether toparticipate in other events or not.

No shipping expenses

In most cases, companies that purchase exhibition stands will also cater for transportation costs to and from the event.  But if you happen to rent the stand, the stand builders are the one responsible for shipping expenses.

No installation and dismantling

By owning a stand, the company will also have to cater for the booth set-up and breakdown after the event. Renting the booth, on the other hand, will have all the work done by the exhibition stand company. All you need to do is show up at the event and start the main business of advertising yourbrand to attract more customers.

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