Sandy Petrocelli- The Joys Of Being A Student!

Sandy Petrocelli- The Joys Of Being A Student!

When it comes to being a student, it is fun to attend classes in school and college. Your world is exciting as you learn new subjects and choose to specialize in the ones that you have a keen interest in. When you are a student you meet new people in your journey from school to university. These people are your classmates and some become dear friends in your life path that stay with you forever!

Sandy Petrocelli- The joys and challenges of student life

Sandy Petrocelli is a student of marketing in the USA and he is interested in sports, exercise, cooking and karaoke nights with his friends. He is a student at The University of Wisconsin Madison and he enjoys every bit of his life. He says though the life of a student is full with classes and examinations, there is a unique charm of being a student. You have dreams and are working all the time to make them true.

Examinations bring out the stress in you however good grades make you feel as if you have crossed a major hurdle. Your teachers become mentors after your parents. They watch you grow up especially your teachers in school. They guide you with challenges and academic issues that you face. When you have queries and concerns about your academic career and future, teachers are the first individuals that you turn to. They gain your trust and they are instrumental when it comes to grooming you in life.

He says that student life also has its share of fun. When it comes to sports, you and your classmates both compete with one another. In team games like football and basketball, you all rejoice in winning and are sad when you lose a match together. The joys of studying together and doing projects for different subjects knows no limits. You are again a team and you learn the skills of creating and communicating together.

When it comes to tests and performance, examinations ascertain your capability and skills in a subject. They help you improve performance and confidence as a student to do well in life. Some students are happy when they get the grades they expect and this motivates them to do better in their next examinations as well, he says.

Your life as a student will not last forever he says. However, the memories that you have as a student stay on forever. Sandy Petrocelli says that he is lucky that as a student his generation has access to the Internet and technology. Thanks to credible online sources, it is possible for students of today to delve deeper into subjects and enjoy the fun of studying in virtual classrooms. The Internet has made the world smaller and students can also interact with their professors and teachers online. They can chat with them when it comes to assignment guidance and help. Studying might not always be liked by a student however being one is indeed a lovely journey to be remembered and cherished for life!

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