Rome Tour Guide – How to Plan a Romantic trip to Rome

Rome tours

Rome- the eternal city! Set over the River Tiber, Rome is one of the most visited destinations in the world and rightfully so, deserves to be on your travel bucket list. Plenty of wholesome Rome tours offer a delightful insight into this ever-mystic city.

And if you thought that Rome was all about history, art and architecture, here’s the catch. It is also one of the most romantic cities of Italy. It’s no Venice or Florence, so don’t visit Rome for a romantic venture expecting the conventional mushy places. The real romantic experience of the city is hidden in its beautiful boulevards, its majestic squares, its cosy cafés and its eternal appeal.

For your romantic experience, start with a visit to the gardens of Rome. The city is replete with these, and these gardens offer a great day-out. Pack a picnic to any of the stunning gardens of the city like the Garden on Oranges. Take a long walk from the Circo Maximo (Circus Maximus) to the garden of Oranges and enjoy the orange blossom with your beloved! Admire the stunning panoramic view of the city from here.

You can also head to Pincio Gardens; take a boat ride over the pristine lake, walk the bridge and admire the fabulous Villa Borghese. There is a steam train that runs from here to Borghese Garden which will transfer you back in time.

Another spot in the city that practically all the best Rome tours will take you to is the Trevi Fountain. The legend goes like this, you have to throw a coin in the fountain and you’ll visit Rome again! As a couple, throw a coin together and vouch to come back, together to this city! Don’t forget the mandatory picture with the fountain.

If you thought beautiful bridges for a romantic evening exist only in Paris and Florence, you’ve never been to Ponte Sant’Angelo! This bridge that runs over Tiber is a great place, not just to catch a sunset but also to steal a kiss overlooking the sublime city.

Rome is filled with experiences and ‘when in Rome, do it like Romans’! Rome has an excellent culinary culture and is one of the best places in the country to enjoy scrumptious Italian food. Explore the city on foot and you’ll come across cute cafes lined up in the cobbled streets of the city. Serving delectable coffee and Roman delicacies like Nonna Betta, Pizza Bianca (classic Roman pizza with generous amount of sea-salt and olive oil) and share a gelato together for desert!

There is so much to the city that you can’t simply absorb it in one trip! To make the most of your romantic experience in the city, you can book any of the best Rome tours for couples that will not only give you a guided visit of the city, but will take you to most of these romantic spots without hassle!

When are you heading; remember, all roads lead to Rome! Traverse the city like a pro, explore the best tours online for a delightful experience.

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