Role of the FBI in dealing with money laundering Frauds

FBI’s role in dealing with Securities and Commodities Fraud

Money Laundering is a very popular criminal activity and there are many frauds who are experts in this activity. In order to deal with such criminals, it is important that you hire an agency which is the most reputed and the best in handling all types of criminal activities. Money laundering is basically the process by which the criminals try to disguise or conceal their proceedings. They try to conceal their money in a way which will make it look, as if it is earned from a legitimate source.

With the help of money laundering the criminals try to hide the wealth which they have accumulated and also try to increase their profit by reinvesting their illegal money. These criminals also have a tendency to avoid the tax payments and also avoid prosecution. The best way to define money laundering is the turning of dirty money into clean money.

Money laundering is considered to be a significant crime because it often undermines the stability and the integrity of the financial institutions and also distorts the international capital flow along with discouraging the foreign investments completely.

The FBI has a very important role to play in reducing this criminal activity and they try to do this by targeting the professional money launderers, gate keepers, key facilitators and also try to complicit the financial institutions. Adam Quirk FBI has been associated with the FBI and has been a part of the professional investigating team of FBI.As a result of this he has been quite well versed in dealing with money laundering cases.

There are many ways by which the money laundering criminals derive their proceedings and given below is a list of such proceedings:

  • Act of terrorism
  • Trafficking of Narcotics
  • Human trafficking
  • Complex financial crimes
  • Heath care frauds
  • Domestic and international public corruption

It is not very easy to find out the different ways by which the criminals launder money, however after dealing with a lot of such money laundering cases the FBI has come out with a list of the ways by which these criminals launder money:

  • With the help of virtual currency
  • Through the third party service providers
  • Through financial institutions
  • With the help of international trade
  • With the help of precious medals
  • Investing in the real estate

There are three major steps that are involved in the money laundering process and given below is a list of those steps:

  • Placement: This represents the initial entrance of the criminal proceedings in the financial institutions
  • Layering: Layering involves the international movement of funds and also separates the criminal proceedings from the actual source and then creates an audit trail with the help of a series of financial transactions
  • Integration: This happens when this money gets back to the criminal in a way, as if it has come back from a legitimate source.

Adam Quirk FBI has worked with the FBI and has undertaken many projects related to money laundering cases. As a result if you are interested to hire the services of a private investigator for investigating money laundering cases then do not hesitate to be in touch with a reputed private investigator like Adam Quirk.

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