Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Solar Energy Contractor in Toronto

solar energy contractor in Toronto

If you are planning to install solar panels in your home, shopping for the right company would be overwhelming because in the first glance almost all companies appear same. Now, you need to set the others apart and choose the best solar energy contractor in Toronto. Here are some tips to help you select the right company and 10 questions, which if you ask, you will be able to take the right decision.

  1. Is your system design and quote accurate?

There are many solar energy companies in Toronto and a good company like Solar brokers Canada will analyze your roof, energy needs and your current as well as future usage. The representative will also optimize your potential savings. In addition to this, the more accurate the design of the solar system is, less likely you would see changes down the line.

  1. What will happen if the electricity produced is less than promised?

This is very important to know beforehand because most companies offer production guarantee and you should be aware of what you are going to get. Also, ask the solar energy contractor of Toronto what would be their method to monitor the performance of the solar energy system.

  1. Will the company recommend financing or buying the system outright?

Although whether to finance your project or not is your personal choice, do not forget to get a few bids to compare. Understanding the options, you will be able to take the best decision for your family.

  1. How much electricity will be produced and how it would be forecasted?

Lab conditions of the factory decides the amount of electricity production of the system and the actual production varies often. There are other factors too which decide.

  1. Will the system work properly for my home?

Find this out from the solar energy contractor of Toronto because the solar systems designed by technical experts fit in perfectly on roofs of different types.

  1. Which of the inverter systems is right for your home?

Find this out so that you don’t have to suffer because of shading or if one of the panels get compromised.

  1. Do you have the permit to install solar system in this area?

Installing solar system on your roof should be legally correct because each jurisdiction has different fire codes which affect the design. Knowing this beforehand will save you from practical problems.

  1. Who will install the system and will there be an inspection to see whether the quality standards are met or not?

Usually solar systems have 20 years of life. So, installation should be right and done by experienced solar system contractor of Toronto.

  1. When will my roof be ready for solar?

Your roof’s life should be at least 10 years more when solar panels are going to get installed.

  1. How will they protect roof from leaks?

Find out whether the seal used to mount the solar panels are watertight or not. Ask whether your roof will withstand the wear and tear of the solar panels or not and the contractor should take the entire responsibility if any damage that is done.

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