Psychological Perspective Of Potential Murderers

Psychological Perspective Of Potential Murderers

We live in the world which is at its highest speed possible, and most people have the gut to cope with the tight schedules. However, due to constant pressure from employer, family and other people we continuously meet, we enter the point where our feelings become mixed and misinterpreted.

Disappointment in combination with feelings of anger and frustration can cause significant psychological problems to people from all across the globe. We find numerous people, ordinary people not serial killers, arrested for murder, because they couldn’t control themselves.

They are not evil per se, but they act impulsively which could end up in violence and in some cases even murder. Most of them can control the actions, but sometimes we the control mechanisms that should guide us and provide us with an ethical balance don’t exist, or people ignore them. That could quickly lead to catastrophic consequences.

The criminal justice system has to find a way to determine mental competency and motives, but according to notable psychiatrists, the chemical reaction starts in the brain.

What Makes Anger Into Action?

Self-control, or as psychiatrists call it cognitive control is something which drives us to reduce the stress and anxiety and to prevent turning it into aggression. It is way better to have self-control than intelligence because restraint is the key to proper life. Our brain tends to make us fall into evil influences.

For example, when you watch a  movie that shows a violent act, it predisposes us to become more violent than before. By listening to the angry and aggressive rhetoric, we tend to reach the high amount of violence and aggression. You should have in mind that the same neurons that cause empathy make us vulnerable to a vast array of influences.

That is the main reason why control mechanisms are essential because you have to create a control mechanism that will help you cope with things that influence you all day long. The idea starts by implementing something that professionals call inner imitation. It allows us to empathize with the things we watch and others by imitating it passively in our brain.

However, the critical problem is that you have to balance the power between control mechanisms such as Top-Down because they will execute the control from the top and bottom-up mechanisms. Therefore, the perception will easily influence decisions so that we make the same action as we see around us.

Some individuals have deranged self-control but have in mind that we’re not talking here about people with mental problems. These individuals use cognitive control mechanism with the idea to achieve some goal they want. Of course, other factors play a crucial role here.

If the sore subject exposes him or herself to the influences that could lead to violent acts, even if that violence is through angry political rhetoric, that could cause a deranged mental state. In some issues, this could lead to social isolation, as well as the possibility for the subject to enter the psychological state in which he or she can quickly alter the self-control based on the particular goal.

The self-control capacities will redirect themselves, which is why the individuals won’t understand that they acted violently at some point in their lives and in specific ways. Violent outburst and punching people in the bar is an example of violence.

The idea is to channel an outbreak of violence in the specific plan with a particular target, due to political, rhetoric or other reasons. That could lead to murder if the subject doesn’t have a way to act on his own.

How To Determine Signs That Someone Has A Low Violence Bar?

The best thing about it is that the signs are quite visible, but you won’t be able to interpret it without a specific context. The action of violence is a desperate form of communication, some sign of disturbed individual.

You have to enter the conversation with that person, and you will notice a high level of empathic behavior in combination with rage, which will ultimately cause violence and lead to action.

Everything depends on context, but the problems start within us, and without a possibility to get a right canceling or understanding, individual enters his worlds with the idea to make everything right.

Violence is something that surrounds us in every way, which is why you should get familiar with it by clicking here.

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