Play responsibly and consciously

Play responsibly and consciously

Playing responsibly is the most important. Online games are a fun way to relax after a stressful day at work but never forget that gambling is high risk with very important consequences. Players who do not play with real money just for fun, but with the goal of making money, are in the group of players at high risk of gambling addiction, and this game can cost them dearly not only for problems related to their finances but it can also affect your personal life. Addiction to gambling and the prevention of gambling addiction is the main theme of this page here and with it we want to offer useful information to help those who need special attention.

What is the addiction to the game?

The addiction to the game or also called game addiction is a psychological problem that consists in the lack of self-control of the person who plays without being able to stop and without being able to set limits for the money that he bets. As a result of this addiction the player has an impulsive behavior in the games, his daily life is very affected, especially in his personal relationships and family and work life. The problems of a financial nature are greater and in the worst cases they can even lead to illegal acts such as robberies and thefts. In our country there are more than 500,000 people suffering from this serious psychological problem and unfortunately the forecasts and statistics indicate a future increase in the number of players affected. In reality, nobody is immune to this problem and that is why it is very important to be aware of their own way of playing and be responsible for their decisions when it comes to gambling.

How to detect a problem with the game?

Symptoms of pathological gambling are harmful effects in all areas of the affected person’s life and this is first realized by the relatives and the people closest to the pathological player. Gambling addiction is considered a disease since 1992 when the World Health Organization recognized it as such. Let’s now know the main criteria that determine pathological gambling as a real health problem:

– Great concern and obsession for the game
– Play again to recover losses
– Play to escape personal problems or negative moods
– Deceiving family and friends to hide their addiction problem
– Commit illegal acts such as theft and forgery to finance the game
– Play with increasing amounts to get more excitement
– Play with more money than you have available
– Risk or lose personal or professional relationships due to the game
– Inability to control or interrupt the game

How to play with head and responsibility?

The responsible player plays to have fun and not to escape from problems or to earn easy money. Nor should we continue playing to try to recover their losses in previous games. When you feel that a bad moment of sadness or another negative mood is happening you never have to play with real money. Bets with borrowed money are a great irresponsibility and that is why you should never do it if you want to be a responsible player. We must always remember that the game is for fun and not to solve financial or personal problems of any kind. With all these tips to keep in mind and if you have decided that you can have fun in an online casino, you should play online casino for fun. We hope this article can be useful for anyone who is really in serious trouble with online gambling addiction.


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