Pinoy TV show: WildFlower

Pinoy TV show WildFlower

Wildflower is one of the widely known Philippine television series. It emerged on screen in February 2017. Because of the catchy storyline involving drama, romance, politics, action and thriller it draws a plenty of audiences. A compassionate heiress Ivy Aguas is the highlighted character of this story who intents to take revenge from a high-powered and corrupt Ardiente family. Aguas is looking for justice for her died parents.

Wildflower is one of the shows featured on Pinoy Teleserye TV Network. Pinoy TV has always spotlighted the social issues faced by today’s society. Wildflower’s plot also focuses on the social issues like sexual harassment and injustice by the ones in power, this show has been one of the prime attractions of Pinoy.

The series makes a start by introducing the loving family of Lily Cruz, who is a 9 year old daughter of a public attorney, Dante. Lily’s mother Camia is a school teacher and their family lived happily until they started to receive threats because of Dante’s recent case. The Family decides to move out of their hometown to once again find peace and moves to Poblacion Ardiente. Where Dante plans to setup his own law firm and a daycare for his wife Camia. Lily soon becomes friends with the youngest son of Ardiente Family, Diego Ardiente. The story takes turn when Raul, father of Diego sexually harasses Camia, due to which Dante files a case against him.

Since, Ardiente Family is the most powerful political family of the town, they don’t take Dante’s threats alarming. Which makes Dante die from suspicious heart attack, Lily’s mother Camia was also raped and killed by them. However, she luckily escapes from Poblacion Ardiente all alone. This is when Prianka Aguas, a wealthy women comes to rescue her from the streets. Prianka becomes a light of hope for Lily. She teaches her to be strong, bold and independent. When Prianka dies and all of the Lily’s pain approaches back, she plans to take revenge from Ardiente Family. She moves back to Poblacion and introduces herself to Ardiente family as Ivy Aguas. Aguas soon becomes a charm for them because now she is a wealthy, seductive and a smart women. She also meets with her old friend Diego Ardiente there. But with all her schemes of taking revenge of her parents and many other innocents, Ivy starts to develop feelings for Diego. This unfolds a new twist in the story and a suspense that whether Ivy will be able give Ardientes a dose of their own medicine, or will she choose to forgive them for the sake of her love?

The cast of Wildflower includes, Maja Salvador as Lily Cruz, Aiko Melendez as Emilia, Sunshine Cruz as Camia, Joseph Marco as Diego Torillo, Vin Abrenica as Jepoy Madrigal, Wendell Ramos as Raul Torillo, Christian Vasquez as Dante Cruz, and includes many other supporting actors.

All the episodes of Wildflower can be easily found on the Pinoy TV show website. It is telecasted from Monday to Friday at 5:45 PM PST. Wildflower is one of the most watched and highly rated Pinoy shows.

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