Peter Galgano Talks on Rap and Sports – A Covalent Bonding

Peter Galgano Talks on Rap and Sports – A Covalent Bonding

Music has been an influential aspect of people’s well-being and just like other things in life it motivates sportsman’s spirit and help in playing the game. On the other side, musicians continuously draw inspiration from people and events, which develop their music. So, both music and sports are influenced by each other. They share a unique bond. However, this bond varies from sports to sports and from music to music. As per Peter Galgano Not all kinds of music act in harmony with sporting events. Similarly, not all sports inspire music. The bond is mutually selective and fits for certain categories.

Rap or hip-hop music is a perfect example of this bond. Here it’s a covalent bond where both the profession are immensely enriched by each other, even to an extent that they are inseparable without each other. Rap music owes much to sports like boxing and basketball. While many of the rappers who pioneered this field of music gathered inspiration from the boxing legend Muhammad Ali, sports like basketball have immensely benefitted from rap music. These rhythmical upbeat music has helped in motivating the team and keeping the upbeat all through the competition. This is visible from the vehement use of rap music in the basketball field.

  • Rap and Boxing

Rap is quite similar to boxing. As with the game, the music too is pitched one against another. While in boxing, it’s a punch for a punch, a knock for a knock. Here the game is with lyrics. A lyric in reply of lyric, that how the rapping punching game goes. Rap has its origin in the late 1970s when the boxing legend Muhammad Ali ended his career, yet many people regard him, Ali, to be a rapper. In fact, people say it all started when he started to dismiss his opponents outside the ring with these lyrical punch lines. However, the connection lies deeper on how he influenced a generation of musicians. His enigmatic breaking the barriers made him an inspiration and he was found in the lyrics of rap song such as the Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang. Many a time his name has been used as a metaphor of an undying spirit. In recent times, boxers such as Mike Tyson play a crucial role rap music. In fact, there’s a rap number sung by Will Smith called I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson which features Mike Tyson. So, the connection is invincible.

  • Basketball and Rap

As per Peter Galgano when we come into the ground of basketball, the game has been kept upbeat by Rap music. Here the hip-hop or the rap culture has penetrated this sports genre. Rap is one musical genre which synchronizes and with basketball and goes well with its players. The lyrical rhythmical ballad of rap has become the lifestyle of basketball players. This all started when Allen Iverson whose cool attitude and way of living made him a star in the NBA league. Iverson success in the NBA brought the rap music to basketball. So, basketball players integrated into rappers and made huge profits in the rap music field.

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