Mumma’s Day Out For The Baby Cot


Mumma’s Day Out For The Baby Cot

The feeling of becoming a momma of your first baby cannot be described in words. There are actually so many new things to bring up in the house for the new member. Starting with the cot bed of the little one to arranging the furniture and toys, lots of stuff! You must have imagined your baby’s world a thousand times while talking to it inside. Haven’t you? Well! They must love everything around them and so, the shopping starts right now.

  1. Surrounded By The Toys And Joys

When your infant has just entered into this new world and explores the surrounding with its tiny eyes, everything should be impressing. Nothing should be less. Select the bed of a right size that not only gives enough space for baby to roll around. But, do not hang around some toys that grab the attention – for safety reasons, as the baby might try to pull it out. Decorate the kids’ room with balloons, gifts, other babyish games, with some in the cradle too and the family is ready to welcome the chubby cheeks.

  1. Neat And Tidy! Not A Cry Baby!

As a parent, you are always molly coddled for your kid. And when you hear the cry, wondering what just happened; is my baby hungry? No! Still crying! Doesn’t like the toys? Still crying! You lift the little one and just realized that it has peed all over the cradle. Hehe! 😛

Buy a quality mattress for the baby cot – at least 10cm deep and no side gaps. Pick a special anti-allergy filling, foam spring interiors or a natural fibre mattress. Or, you can go with the combination of any of these.

While you select the best cot, it is important to note that it should have an adjustable height of minimum two mattresses.

  1. Sound Good Night Sleep

You can also get the cot on wheels, so that you can take your junior on a day out. After having played with the wonders of play games the whole day, the tired junior needs a sound sleep in the baby crib.

Guess where do babies spend its 16 hours of a day? That’s right! In their baby bedroom!

Check all the locking systems of the cot. When you set the baby crib in its place, see that it is away from windows, mobiles, power points or any other thing that can be a potential hazard.

Being a parent is not so easy, with the youngest member of the house comes the responsibilities too. Starting with buying the furniture for the first baby and it doesn’t stop there even when the small pampered is grown up. Because, for you, they are still a baby!

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