Maxi Cosi Car Seat: The Perfect Care Of Your Tiny Tot

Maxi Cosi Car Seat: The Perfect Care Of Your Tiny Tot

The car seat is an essential piece of the child safety equipment. If you are pregnant and still have not bought a car seat for your kid, you are highly mistaking. If you want to take your child to your home from the hospital, you will need a baby car seat.

No one can afford any compromise with the safety of the kid. One of the the highly safeguard baby car seats is the maxi cosi car seat. As the name suggests, it will not only safeguard your kid, but also give them a cozy ride.

However, you can not buy just any car seat. There are different car seats available according to your baby’s height, weight and age.

Rear-Facing Seats For The Newborns:

According to a research, kids should travel facing backside in your back seat as long as possible. You’ll know your child has grown enough to change the car seat when his head is within 1 inch of the top of the seat.

Remember always that your child is not ready to sit in the front facing seat if he is of 20 pounds or more or he is 1 year old. The height of the baby is the only concern to make him sit front faced.

There are various styles, designs and colors available for the rear-facing car seat. You can choose one according to to your car’s back seat space and your choice.

Forward-Facing Seats for Your Toddler:

Children must be at least 2-years-old or have reached the maximum height or weight capacity, at least of 35 to 40 pound weight, of the car seat. However, making your kid sit rear-facing as long as possible is the most advisable thing to do.

There is a wide range of this type of car seat is available. You can also go for the newly designed convertible seat for your toddler. It usually, can hold your child up to 40 pound in rear-facing, and up to 70 pound in front-facing.

Belt-positioning booster seats:

These seats are for kids who are at least of 4 years and            weigh at least 40 pounds. They use the regular car lap and shoulder belts to secure the child. Backless boosters are fine when used with an automobile seat that provides head support. Though it has all the safeties, you can not install it in the front seat. You should not make your kid sit in the front seat until he or she is 8 years old or weigh more than 65 pound.

Nowadays, there are highly technically made car seats available with which your kid will be safest, which will make you stress free. On the same time, it will make your kid feel the most comfortable, thus he will enjoy every ride with you.

Though there are safety installed in the baby car seat, you need to be careful about your kid. The most important thing is the installation of the baby car seat that you should do properly. Any carelessness in that is strictly not allowed. After that you also should be careful that you do not buckle up your kid too tight or too loose.


These are the car seats you will be required for your kid’s betterment and safety. You can get a wide collection of it on internet. There are plenty of sites and online stores available.

Though, you should not buy a crucial safety equipment for your kid from any store that will not give you quality. One of the best online stores is Baby Direct in Australia. You will find a vast range of colors, styles, and designs with best quality in pocket-friendly cost.

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