Large Refrigeration Rental

Large Refrigeration Rental

When your establishment is happily straining thanks to increased levels of business, please ensure that you enjoy your opportunity with frozen and refrigerated foods storage freedom. Maximise efficiency and adhere to legislation without the investment which a new fridge or freezer would demand.

There is no distinction in the authorities’ eyes between temporary and permanent sites. Whenever food is being served to the public, the rules must be observed. Mobile food suppliers must also work with full commitment to the law and consumer safety.

Large refrigeration rental through leading experts like Icecool Trailers in Newbury guarantees that the highest levels of hygiene and operation can be achieved cost effectively and for any duration.

As some produce emits ethylene which affects the lifespan of others, making them ripen more quickly, and raw and ready to eat products must be separated, the temptation to simply ram as much stock as possible in to existing chillers is to be resisted for stock longevity and food hygiene management, and for the safe and effective operation of the unit itself. Multiple trips to suppliers is neither time nor cost effective, hire facilities are both.

There isn’t a self-drive option with chiller hire but this shouldn’t be perceived as a disadvantage; the hire firm staff set the equipment up for you and there are no fuel costs. Employees can work within the hire units without contravening legislation, units are lockable and insured, however, any stock placed in them requires another insurance policy which it is the hire customer’s responsibility to source.

 Icecool Trailers  have assisted numerous hospitality firms, exhibition or events managers, restaurants, cafes, schools and county show food stand vendors with cold room hire over their 25 plus years in operation, why not contact them with your refrigeration needs. Various sizes and capacities are available, take chiller hire units which suit your unique requirements and budget considerations.

Flexibility, quality and customer service are key features for their team and they’ll install facilities wherever they are required, between preparation spaces, in function rooms, in the car park or foyer. Power is supplied via mains or generator.

Medical and scientific cold room hire

Large refrigeration rental is readily available to people outside the food industry. Medical sites and scientific research centres running to, or beyond, normal capacity can take advantage of chiller hire units which preserve samples and medications in optimum condition.

e.g. The time delay between a blood test being taken and assessed can be hours, every moment of storage could lead to depreciation without cold room hire.

Emergency chiller hire

If you need emergency facilities, the best firms are available 24/7 and can deliver cold room hire units within 2 hours, dependent on the travelling distance involved. They understand that stock could potentially spoil so they don’t waste time.

It’s best to do a little research prior to any emergencies arising so that you can simply dial the number and trust a highly rated chiller hire firm during a crisis.

Additional chiller hire needn’t be stressful, work with the best.

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