Kuala Lumpur City Centre – a Hub Of All Landscapes

a Hub Of All Landscapes

Kuala Lumpur is referred as the heart city of Malaysia and it is the desired place for tourists. It consists of so many iconic natural and manmade landmarks. Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) is well known for classy fashion malls, luxury hotels and extensive views from Petronas Twin Towers. Mostly tourists check the hotel near KLCC because there are lots of things to do and see in this place. Unsurpassed landscapes around KLCC are listed below,

  • Petronas Twin Tower
  • Kuala Lumpur Tower
  • Suria
  • Aquaria
  • Petrosains
  • KLCC Park
  • Jalan P Ramlee
  • Petronas art gallery

Petronas twin tower in KLCC is an Islamic inspired architecture and the tower is completely undertaken by multinational companies. It is a beautiful landscaped park, which features a jogging track, walking paths and a wading pool for children. You can lodge according to your budget and comfort where both international and small boutique hotels are adjacent to this place. At a distance of 900 meters form PetronasTower, you can find a hotel, where they offer free WiFi and an outdoor pool.

Menara Kuala Lumpur is one of the Malaysia’s most famous landmark. KLCC house near Menara offers three and four bedroom apartments with attached kitchen and free WiFi. With a five minutes’ walk from this tower, you can find a spacious and air-conditioned apartment. It has an indoor pool with spa, a fitness centre and children’s playground. Suria is located at the foot of Petronas tower, six-storey mall that houses best international brands. It also has a 12 screen movie theatre, an art gallery, a science discovery centre and a concert hall.

Aquaria in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is a home for more than 150 marine species. It is one of the best attractions of Kuala Lumpur because of the real depth and complexity. Here you can sea creatures, coral and necklaces of kelp. Giant tank is very illustrious in Aquaria KLCC, which features an authentic-looking shipwreck. Petrosains is an interactive science discovery centre located on the fourth floor of Suria, which is a shopping mall. This centre presents science and technology in a fun and entertaining way. In this center you can experience a fun-filled activity for a few hours.

Adjacent to the Suria shopping mall, KLCC Park is located.  The main highlight in this park is a spectacular ‘dancing’ water fountain. It is a favourite location for kids and it can shoot water up to a height of 42 meters. These water shows occur at noon and in the evenings. Jalan P Ramlee is a hub of pubs, bars and live music spots. Here you can enjoy live indie-rock and groove to pioneering jazz bands. Petronas art gallery is located in Suria KLCC. It consists of more than 1000 photographs and paintings. This non-profit gallery comprises of local and international, traditional and contemporary art works gives you a unique experience.

Kuala Lumpur offers you a memorable and enjoyable journey. KLCC is a center place of all eye-catching locations. To enjoy all these attractions, check the hotel near KLCC and find your best matching. For budget travellers, boutique hotel is the right choice where you can receive luxurious service at low cost. International hotels in Kuala Lumpur offer a high class service to affluent. Choose your desired lodging and make your journey even more memorable by visiting KLCC landscapes.

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