John Clemenza And Her Views About Why Visiting New York Is Worthwhile

About Why Visiting New York Is Worthwhile

John Clemenza describes the High line as a walking trail that was a former rail line,, and now it is a linear public park. Many trees and plants have been on the sides and many are native species. There are glass railings, and that gives natural feel while offering good views to the city. This is an oasis that would run from different points and there are stair access and elevator access. The high line gives a different feeling to the city architecture, and this is what New York all about a bubbling thing that gets different dimensions. The trail is heavily used, and it gets busier on the weekend, and it is a peaceful retreat. There are restaurants, and fine dining that is available in this place and the Whitney museum of American art is available at this place.

John Clemenza at different locations in New York

Time Square is a place that is loaded with billboard and screens and the place is best visited in the evening, and it is an exciting proposition at other times of the day. The place will be bubbling with action before the New Year, and the famous ball drop is an event that should not be missed. The place is always filled with people, and one should not miss this place.

Time square is known as Longrace Square, states John Clemenza and the square was named in the year 1904, and there is Brooklyn Bridge that is present in this area. This is one place that has attracted many poets, songwriters and poem writers, and the historic bridge was completed in the year 1883. It was considered as the first suspension bridge, and one can see many ferries, and it is better to walk from Brooklyn Bridge. There is an option of biking over the bridge and traffic by walking is heavy.

The fifth avenue in America is a famous place for shopping,, and it is considered as a premier shopping area in the new York. There are many designer shops like Tiffany, Cartier, Bergdorf-Goodman, and there is also Saks Fifth Avenue.

Grand central terminal is known as grand central station and is a Beaux Arts building,, and one should have a peep into the landmark building. The building was opened in the year 1913, and this was the terminal for the sub way train stations. There has been retail shops and hotels, and one can visit the place.

The world observatory is a place that is giving observation from top of the building, and this is a lovely view that one should not miss, and one can see the growth of the world’s best metropolis the glass building is pyramidical that can be seen from the base.

Frick collection is a place that is known for ambiance, and it is a 1900 mansion that should not be missed. The artwork includes painting, porcelain and furniture that is beautifully laid out and one can see the paintings and art works of Monet, Rembrandt, Bellini, El Greco.

Other attractions

John Clemenza endorses people to have a visit to New York Public library, and it has been designed by best architects Carrere & Hastings and the style has been Beaux-Arts.

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