Jeena Yahaan, Marna Yahaan – 5 Best Bollywood Themed Gifts for Die-Hard Bollywoodians

Jeena Yahaan, Marna Yahaan - 5 Best Bollywood Themed Gifts for Die-Hard Bollywoodians

When it comes to gifting your ardent Bollywood lover friend or family member, there are some swanky gifts that you can purchase. If you know someone who loves Bollywood and you want to get them something special, there are many things that you can do for them.

Here are 5 unique Bollywood themed gifts that won’t fail to impress:

  1. Filmy Tea Coasters

Filmy Tea Coasters

Coasters are an all-time favourite gifting item. When you want to spread out the drama, then spruce your gift with these somewhat corky coasters that scream Bollywood all the way. These retro movie coasters not only impress, but they are also great conversation starters.

  1. Bollywood Theme Movie Cushion Covers

Bollywood Theme Movie Cushion Covers

While there are many contemporary gift ideas for Bollywood fans, Bollywood themed cushion covers are definitely unique. There are many ideas that you can implement on these cushion covers. These will undoubtedly contribute to making trendy cushions with a Bollywood dialogue on it.

  1. Coffee Mugs Bollywood Style

When it comes to Bollywood themed gifts, mugs are your best bet. Be it coffee mugs or beer mugs or any other kind of mugs, the ideas for  Bollywood themes are endless. You can print famous Bollywood dialogues and twist them in a funny way. This will surely bring a smile to the face of the person you gift it to. You can order these beer mugs online, or you can even select some cool coffee mugs from the online store.

  1. Bollywood T-Shirts

Bollywood T-Shirts

Many trendy t-shirts prints are becoming popular. These trends keep on changing depending on which TV series is popular or what is happening around the world. However, the one theme that has remained constant is the Bollywood theme. There are many famous Bollywood T-Shirts that you will see around.

  1. Bollywood theme mobile covers

When it comes to fancy mobile covers, there is nothing better than Bollywood mobile covers. Many mobile covers are available online. You can customise these covers with just about any Bollywood idea that you have in mind. No matter what your phone model is, you will find a cover that will be perfect for you. This will definitely bring a smile to your filmy didi or even your filmy girlfriend.

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