Is It Safe To Drink Ground Water Without Purifying It?

Is It Safe To Drink Ground Water Without Purifying It

According to our elders, ground water is 100% pure and safe to drink. That might have been the case during their times, but as times have changed, so has the purity of ground water. Earlier, sources like agricultural runoff and atmospheric decomposition were the cause of ground water pollution. Now sources like urban runoff, industrial plants, wastewater treatment plants and commercial businesses are also becoming causes of ground water pollution.

These increasing sources of groundwater pollution have made drinking groundwater totally unsafe without purifying it. With low water purifier prices, every household should have a water purifier at their home, even if the source is groundwater. Here are a few pollutants that are found in groundwater and their adverse effects on the human body:

  1. Hard Salt Impurities:

Another common impurity found in ground water is hard salt. These hard salts are calcium and magnesium compounds that are not easily digestible. They get accumulated and end up causing a lot of cardiovascular problems like kidney stones. These impurities also cause stomach problems and acute pain in the abdominal area can also be linked directly to hard salt impurities. Therefore, it is always advised to use an RO purifier even when you use groundwater for drinking purposes.

  1. Heavy Metal Impurities:

One of the most common impurities found in a ground water are heavy metal impurities. Some heavy metal impurities are arsenic, chromium, lead and mercury. All these impurities are known causes of cancer and other brain diseases. These carcinogens are really common in groundwater. They come from industrial plants and are naturally found in the soil as well. You won’t get to know the effects of heavy metal impurities as these work like slow poison. They slowly cause the defects in your body and you get to know once it is too late.

  1. Bacterial and Viral Impurities:

Although groundwater is far away from the surface of the earth, microorganisms can easily survive there. In fact, the climate down there is perfect for bacterial and viral breeding. This allows waterborne bacteria and viruses to grow and enter the drinking water easily. These bacterial and viral impurities can cause stomach problems like excessive diarrhea and stomach infections. Therefore, it is always advised to purify even the ground water as it might contain these impurities.

This clearly shows that drinking ground water without purification isn’t safe. Therefore, it should be purified using a water purifier. RO water purifier works best when it comes to purifying ground water and here is why:

How RO Water Purifier Purifies Ground Water?

RO purifier uses a semi permeable membrane to purify water. The impure water is passed through the semi permeable membrane and with the process of reverse osmosis the impure water is separated from pure water. All the hard water impurities and hard salt impurities are collected in the impure water and the rest of the water passes through the membrane as pure water.

This water isn’t free from viral and bacterial impurities yet. For that to happen, most RO water purifiers implement a UF filtration technique. This technique uses a UF membrane that doesn’t let any microbes and pathogens that are more than 0.3 microns pass through. Therefore, only pure water passes through.

You and your family won’t suffer from any water-related diseases if the water you drink is pure. Groundwater is clearly not safe to drink without purifying it using a good RO water purifier. Therefore, you should use a good purifier and always drink safe and pure water.

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