Introducing You to the World of Abstract Art

abstract paintings

Whenever it comes to art, everyone has a different picture of it. This happens because of the high level of subjective opinions which are prevalent in this particular domain. One such genre of art which has been in debate since its inception is abstract art. If you are wondering what this art form is all about then this blog will help in providing you with an ideal picture of this specific category.

What exactly is abstract art?
There are so many rumours and different definitions which are going around the topic of abstract art paintings. However, there is no clear and concise definition of this form of art. In the most basic terms, abstract art has no relation with the realities. In the earlier times artists used to create works which were a representation of the authentic world. But the introduction of abstract art changed the meaning of this forever.

Before the 20th century art was always based out of articles which were a part of the real world and stood relatable to something noticeable. In those times it was much easier to comprehend and decipher the true meanings or intents of an art piece. But, the 20th century brought in a lot of changes with itself. Apart from the world of art, technology, science, social statures and ideas were also changing drastically. So many advancements were taking place and suddenly life, and its various aspects, were getting difficult to understand. On one hand the general public were wreathed with questions and ambiguities while on the other end artists were breaking free as they had discovered the new ways to express themselves which were beyond any boundaries.

Birth of abstract art:
If you follow the traces of evidences, which history holds, and then you will be able to understand that the birth of abstract art paintings was no accident. When photography was introduced, it was able to depict the reality more sharply and precisely then any artist ever could. This brought in a question in the mind of artists pertaining to the presence of their entire community. If we see the trends of history more clearly then we will know that Cubism, Fauvism, Impressionism and all other movements were the ancestors of abstract paintings. These art movements paved the way and challenged the idea of perception and thought. As a result of all these, abstract art paintings were born.

Different kinds of abstract art:
Abstract art can be divided into innumerable categories. However, in the broader spectrum of things it is divided into the following six categories.

  • Curvilinear Abstract Art:
    This art style is known for its abstract patterns which are created by the help of curving lines. These curved marks can be used to create various elements of the entire abstract painting. Major kinds of curvilinear abstractions are linked with Celtic art. This art form was able to employ a wide diversity of abstract themes which include various kinds of patterns and spirals.
  • Colour and Light related Abstract Art:
    This kind of art was illustrated by the great artists Turner and Monet. They created marvellous abstract paintings by tactfully incorporating colours and lights into the work of art in such a manner that it detaches the painting from reality. Some famous examples of this kind of abstract art paintings are Water Lilly Paintings by Claude Monet and the Talisman by Paul Serusier.
  • Gestural Abstract Art:
    Under this form of abstract art paintings focus lies more on the making of the portrait. The paint is generally applied in strange and rare ways. Another common trend which can be witnessed is that the brushwork is loose and rapid. If we talk about the famous artists, who created artworks in this genre, then Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning would be the leading ones.
  • Emotional or Intuitional Abstract Art:
    It grips different kind of styles and commonly moves around the subjects of realistic trends. The naturalistic aspect of things can be witnessed in the unique flairs of colours and shapes that are used. This style of abstract paintings captures the natural elements but in fewer representational methods. Mark Rothko is one of the most celebrated artists of this genre of abstract art paintings.

All-in-all, abstract art is created with the sole aim to change the perception of realism and to introduce a new viewpoint i.e. the artist’s perspective. As it differs from realism in so many aspects, hence its ways of evaluation are also different.

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