Interview Tips – Avoid These Common Resume Mistakes To Land A Job

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There has been prescribed certain rules for effective resume writing. Many people have this notion that failing to follow these rules and standard format can make you even lose a job. There are some outdated myths that are not true. Learning about them would help you prevent them in your resume writing.

Failing to focus on what employers want

Each and every candidate wants to create a resume that exhibits their experience and skills. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for the employer. Not paying attention to what the employer is looking for in a resume, does not make an impression on the employer. It is important to focus on all critical aspects that need to be focused on. Include them in your resume with a little description of your personal skills. This will make your resume job oriented.

Restrict the resume size to one page

People have this conception that the length of the resume should not be longer than one page. There is no logic in it. If your resume extends and goes more than one page then it will have no negative impact on the evaluator. The reason why a resume can be more in length is to include job experience, skills, technologies used, projects explanation etc.

If you have ten years of experience then definitely you will more to write than a candidate who is just a fresher. Not explaining all the relevant experience and seriously focusing on the length of the resume could fail you from being perceived as a desirable candidate for an organization. So, don’t think about the length of the resume and concentrate on all those relevant points that you need to include in a resume.

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One should not show gaps in employment

Block in the employment is often considered negative by employers and so prevent you from getting selected for a job position. A lot of people believe that if they mention the employment gaps in their resume then it will lessen their job chances. It is advisable to state all the right information in your resume even if it shows gaps in the employment.

Companies on their end also perform a background check on the candidate, so if any discrepancy is found then it can straightaway lead to rejection of your job application. So, it is best to not let a gap of unemployed time period on the resume discourage you from applying for a specific job post that you are most suited for.

These are the common mistakes that people do when they write a resume. Learning the right way to create a resume would increase your chances of getting selected in a job to a significant extent.

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