Impact of Packaging on Mixed Craft Beer Cases Buying Decisions

Impact of Packaging on Mixed Craft Beer Cases Buying Decisions

With the high number of craft breweries coming into the market, there is a need for a company to differentiate themselves for them to attract and retain customers. Apart from the standard distinctions in taste, variety, or brand, there is a great need to invest in packaging. Note that, the packaging is the consumer’s first impression of a brand. Therefore, it is imperative that the packaging that a brewing company chooses makes a long-lasting image.

Below are some reasons as to why packaging is a big determinant on mixed craft beer cases sales.

  1. It differentiates your brand from others

Many consumers’ decisions making is based solely on product packaging. To make your beer stand out, you have to ensure that the brand packaging stands out from your competitors. Ensure that packaging is relevant to the name. It should also be eye catching and different from what other beer companies are offering.

  1. It is a marketing tool

Branded products are easily recognized. Make sure that your packaging has your logo well depicted in it. This will not only help to catch the attention of the new consumer, but it will also contribute to making a repeat consumer remember the look.

  1. Helps create brand recognition

For you to stay ahead of the rest, your brand must be memorable. Desist from making very many changes to your brand just because competitors are doing so. You can make the necessary modifications but always stay true to your original look. A brand is what makes you be recognized; it is one of your selling points as a brewery.

  1. Helps appeal to consumers

When you know your beer market, you will know the kind of packaging that works well for them. Beer packaging can be in the form of aluminum cans and glass bottles. Some consumers believe beer packed in a bottle stays fresher for longer. Others are for the idea that beer packed in aluminium can chill fast. As a brewer find a way to balance the two. Your mixed craft beer cases can contain both materials for balance.

Those are some of the impacts that your beer packaging will have on your sales. However, always remember that at the end of the day what matters most is the quality and flavor of your beer. People will buy a beer they love and know anytime, but when it comes to tapping that new market, packaging makes a significant difference. It is the easiest way to make a statement to a consumer wadding in the array of unfamiliar brews.

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