How to Pass Your Driving Theory Test in the UK?

to Pass Your Driving Theory Test in the UK

You cannot get a driving license unless you pass the theory test. In fact, it is more demanding to prepare for the theory test than the practical driving test.  Here are some tips that will help you to attain to marks in your theory test.

The first step is to book theory test from one of the centers that are spread all over the country. This may sound obvious but it is a critical step to undertake. You can find the nearest center from the official government site. This may cost you close to £30and you should have your debit or credit card and provisional driving license at hand.

The next step is to hit the books. The theory test will expose you to fifty multiple choice questions from a bank that has more than 1000 quizzes. You have to get at least 43 corrects questions for you to pass this exam. You will agree to the fact that this is an uphill task. The beauty of it is that the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) has developed a theory test book that is full of example questions and useful tips. Get yourself a copy and create some time for revision. We also have some sites that have useful resources that can guide you through the process. Get a site that will expose you to as many questions as possible and guide you adequately as you prepare for your exam.

The next step is to prepare for the hazard spotting. After passing the multiple choice section, you will head on to the hazard perception test. The section has a sequence of video clips that feature a broad range of driving hazards. Make sure you prepare adequately on how to scan the road for possible hazards. You need to identify any possible distractions and use the interactive video to look for cyclists. The Drive IQ test can help you learn how to scan the road more effectively. This is a free online resource that will help you to prepare for the second section of your driving theory test.

It can take you about 20 hours to fully prepare for the theory test. Before you begin the hazard perception test, you will be shown a brief clip on how it works. It’s wise to watch this video in advance as it provides a detailed explanation on how the test works and even gives relevant examples. After the demo video, you will be ready for the actual test. You will watch 14 videos that are approximately one-minute long. Each of them features day to day driving situations with potential and developing hazards. You need to identify the developing hazards for you to pass the test.

In summary, the fact that you know how to drive a car will not guarantee you the driving license. You must pass the theory test that comprises of two sections; multiple choice and hazard perception test. You have to complete and pass these two tests in the same sitting. The good thing is that you can find a lot of assistance and practice questions online to help you prepare for your driving theory test. All you need to do is spare enough time for revision and you will pass the driving theory test.

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