How to Move Successfully with Significant Other

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Moving in with significant other is one of the most crucial decisions of entire life. It is not easy to comprehend that moment of relationship, when one is mentally and financially prepared to move in together. One is required to know whether he/she is actually ready for this giant step. Before you plan to move to the new location by hiring home relocation services Gurgaon, below mentioned tips will help to identify your position. It is requested that both should sit together and peacefully discuss together to establish better tomorrow.

  1. Upcoming Plans
  • Please ensure that both are very honest while discussing, so there never be a situation in future when this emotional bond end us breaking.
  • Moving together means that both are ready to take this relationship into a next level and in near future both with get marry to have a lifelong unbreakable bond. If either of two, is moving together just to save money by sharing rent and other bills, then just wait. Remember that while staying separately also, you both were paying rent, electric bills and other expenses separately, so it is necessary to realise that only financial aids being together will not nurture bondage. For any relationship, both individuals are required to be equally serious about upcoming future.
  • Moving together does not mean, only sharing financial liabilities but it also means to share every small work of home. No one likes a situation when after few days, both are fighting every day for washing dishes and clothes, cleaning the house and all other household responsibilities. It is also necessary to discuss, how to sort out the problems when such misunderstanding takes place between both in future. Never drag things to the extend when both fall into that worst situation of separating.
  1. Responsibilities
  • Split the responsibilities equally:
  • Who will look after cleaning the house?
  • Who is going to cook lunch and dinner?
  • Who will buy monthly grocery and other household things?
  • What are the minimum criteria of cleanliness?
  • Who will clean dishes, wash clothes and clean bathroom?
  • These questions may sound simple but they are very crucial to discuss out thoroughly before planning a move. It is absolutely biased to put burden of all monthly expenses on one person. Sit together and discuss about the bill splits and other monthly expenses. Till both get married, all liabilities should be discussed and shared equally.
  • The Reasons of Moving Together
  • It is very important to understand the actual reason of moving together. Only because other friends are shifting with their partners to save some money can never be a right reason of moving together. Unless one is mentally and emotionally attached with each other, any other reasons will only turn out to be a big failure. If one of you leaves the home and move to another city after break up will be very unfortunate situation, but have you ever thought of a situation when both are separated emotionally but forced to stay under the same roof due to lease papers.
  • Moving together is a very personal decision, which requires maturity to finalise. Make sure you are not doing it only because you should, but because you are mentally and emotionally ready. Only you two can decide if it’s a right time to move in together. If seeing the same person around all the time when you come back home will not please you, then just don’t rush. Moving together is a lifelong commitment, not just a temporary wave, so think properly before you jump in.
  1. In the New Home
  • Once Packer and Mover Gurgaon delivers you stuff to your new location, decorate it together, which will help in developing amazing emotional bond. This occasion will give both a chance to work together with deepen understanding. This will teach the most important lesson to think above mine and yours but OURS.
  • Once Movers and Packers Gurgaon are done with everything that is related to relocation, at least once in a week plan to go out for dinner or movie together. Such small outings will help to grow relationship better way. Try to do all household work together, rather splitting it. This will definitely connect both emotionally.
  1. Do and Don’ts
  • Maintain privacy at certain level and give each other enough time to spend alone. This will give both a proper time to think if things are on right track. Spending time together after such gap will make this relationship deeper and sweeter.
  • Express your feelings to each other. Always share small gifts, cook a dinner together and see wonderful outcome. Relationships are not rocket science but sincere efforts to design a loving future.


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