How To Choose The Right Stethoscope?


There is no rocket-science involved in choosing the right stethoscope. You, however, need to be aware of a few things so that the instrument thus bought is good and delivers accurate results. The best one, you should know well, will depend on the type of work you do on a regular basis. The priority will obviously be on the branch of medicine you work for as only this can help take a better decision on the stethoscope.

While choosing the stethoscope, you also need to consider a few basic things, including –

1#   Choose based on your area of specialization

Do you treat pediatric patients? Are you most treating adults? Or, have your specialized in cardiology? These are some of questions you need to ask yourself as they will help ease the problems in getting the right stethoscope. Let’s for say you are into cardiology and then the instrument you choose should be able to read a range of heart sounds with ease. Similarly, it must have strong core loaded with strong oscillation properties to reduce any sound interference.

2#   Select as per the noise level you work in

You would want a stethoscope that has a superior sound quality and frequency range to help in with the clinical assessment of patients. However, the level of performance of the said device will depend a lot on the noise level you work in. For example, an electronic stethoscope would do fine if you perform your duties amid loud noise on a regular basis. Otherwise, a standard product would serve well, especially for medical students and trainees.

#3   Buy from the available options 

Well before asking the Littmann stethoscope price, it’d be better you get to know the available options in the market. You should know there are five types of stethoscopes to choose from – acoustic, electronic, noise reduction, recording and fetal. Similarly, you can choose from the specialized instruments including for pediatric, adult care, cardiology, EMT/EMS and anesthesiologist. This way, you will get the right stethoscope fitting perfectly in your requirements and helping you get accurate and consistent results without any hassles.

4#    Buy based on your budget

How much you plan to pay is a big factor in buying the right stethoscope. But yes, price does not guarantee quality in all cases and you got to be a touch careful. Even the most expensive stethoscope is not sure to be the best for you and it all depends on some other factors as well. Here, the budget means the features, materials, weight, style and other factors you consider where price would of course be a consideration.

5#   Choose by the brand or maker 

It makes sense to buy a quality and reliable stethoscope as accuracy matters. You should then choose by the brand or maker as chances of getting good products go up in such cases. Plus, you get the added advantage of finding reviews and feedback about such products on different sites on the internet. So, rather than trusting an unknown brand, go with an established name and get quality.

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