How To Be Stylish In 1970s Fashion

Stylish In 1970s Fashion

For many years, men’s fashion remained the same, with little changes. A few years later, disco music and John Travolta’s infamous white suit inspired a new era of daring fashion for men. The clothes were bright, the trousers were flared, and the hair was long. Now, the 1970s are making a comeback.

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Fashion gurus all over the world are embracing the comeback. We’ll make it easy for you to add some colour to your clothes, and make sure you don’t look like you’re stepping onto the set of Saturday Night Fever.

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When you think of 70’s fashion, the first thing that comes into your head is corduroy. The best thing about this fabric is you can wear it dramatically or subtly. If you want to ease yourself back to the era, then start with dark colours. Pair with a jumper or t-shirt for a classic smart casual look.

Flares are the must-have item for your wardrobe. We’re just joking, but wide leg trousers can be worn, turned up, or pleated.


Let’s face it, velvet isn’t for everyone. Surprisingly though, it can add an element of class to your wardrobe. Designers are taking the 70’s style, and turning it into modern style hoodies. Velvet blazers add a touch of elegance.


If you like to stand out from the crowd, then a silk shirt could work for you. Popular in the 1970s, wear them with black trousers for optimum effect. They’re also great paired with jackets and dark coats.

You don’t have to push your boundaries to add a little bit of retro to your life. Men’s Farah shirts are the perfect way to enjoy some vintage fashion and still look contemporary. You can find them at


Do you remember cringing as you opened that patterned jumper from your Grandma? Well, now they’re actually in fashion. With a new modernised style, featuring shapes and stripes, they look great paired with corduroys. Remember to coordinate your colours, and go for subtle themes rather than an explosion of colour that makes you look like an over-enthusiastic child.

If you want a refined look, nothing says classy like a roll neck combined with a shearling coat. Worn by male models, it can’t fail.

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