How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry

How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry

Description: Travel apps help users for hotel booking, planning holidays, flight booking, etc. Therefore, these have now become the necessity to compete in the market. Read more, in this article. 

Escalating technology has open multiple doors for numerous industries. Travel and tourism is not the exception. It has full-fledged strenuously over the past few years. Statistically speaking, it has gained at $147 billion, which is expected to reach $260.5 billion by the subsequent years. These figures are sufficient to say that travel business has a gainful and flourishing outlook. A huge factor behind such tremendous figures is the immense usage of mobile apps.

Seriously, planning for an extraordinary holiday with the family wasn’t easy before the introduction of mobile apps. But, now most of the travel organizations have developed their own travel apps. In addition, they provide striking discounts with additional conveniences to encourage prospective customers. This is why travel & tourism associated apps secured 7th position when it comes to the most downloaded category of apps.

Consider these Figures of Travel & Tourism Apps

Fact Percentage
Users that use smartphones for planning any leisure tours 85
Use mobile apps to search for the best hotels and flight deals 30
Download travel apps for planning a trip 15

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Travel and Tourism

In today’s scenario, the world is at the fingertips of users. Mobile users are getting instant information from anywhere, anytime with the help of mobile apps. Over 150 million users who have smartphones prefer apps for the flight bookings, hotel room bookings, etc. Apart from travel operators’ convenience, mobile apps bring happiness and numerous benefits for customers too.

These are the key benefits of  Apps in Travel Business

  • Collaboration: The travel apps collaborates your travel business with several well-known transportation service providers. These include air, sea, land, or rail. Working collaboratively brings more conversions and streamline your business.
  • Automation: As a matter of fact, all the relevant information available instantly users can look up for what they actually want. There is no need to talk to any executive or asking in friends circle. On the other hand, the entire operations, including information, invoicing, booking, billing, etc. is automated. This leads to saving time, as well as efforts.
  • Excellent CMS: Technology improvements make organizations capable of maintaining all content on the website. They can keep a track of customers’ interests and bookings effectively.
  • One Stop Solution: Everything can be offered by one travel portal. Yes, it is possible to book tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc. quickly. In fact, sightseeing, travel-related shopping, and insurance can also be booked via a single portal. There is no need to go on different portals.
  • Security: Travel apps keep into account all those implementations and measures that lead to a safe Travel Portal. Both clients and business owners can rely on these apps. All the information of the client remains safe and sound.

Other Tasks Where Travel Apps Are Used:

  • 1%- Use map features
  • 8%- Check Weather
  • 1%- Buy Tickets
  • 1%- Search Restaurant
  • 6%- Look For Public Transportation
  • 3%- Search engine activities and attractions
  • 46%- Search Hotel
  • 1%- Use GPS For Directions
  • 1%- Look for shopping
  • 9%- Check-in prior to flight
  • 2%- Search for Hotel

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, mobile apps have become one of the vital aspects for travel and tourism industry. In fact, this industry is lame without mobile apps. Today, the cashless payments play a virtual role in a successful business. It allows customers to buy any service or products without paying cash. Most of the travel companies have already understood and chosen for advanced travel apps. And many more are planning for the same. Hope, this article will help you to take a better decision.


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