How does a bathroom exhaust fan work?

How does a bathroom exhaust fan work

A bathroom is a clammy place in our house which helps us get freshen up and cleaned before heading to our daily routine work. Well, the bathroom needs to be clean and hygienic too, and therefore exhaust fans play a major role in the sanitization of the damp place. Everyday shower and water related activities dampen the ground and air causing molds and rots to breed making the place an unhealthy zone. The humid and moist air can destroy the floor of the washroom too, it can cause discolouring of tiles and even cracks on the side, peeling of paint, etc. The exhaust fans thus help to prevent the foul odour and humidity inside the bathroom and maintain the indoor air quality. It expels the inside air to outdoors acting more like a proper ventilation.

Bathroom exhaust fan runs on electricity. The power supply leads the motor in the fan to work and draw the humid air through the ductwork and expel it outside via eave vent hood thus maintaining the hygiene in the room. An exhaust fan should be installed in an appropriate manner so that it works properly. Now, the size of a bathroom matters accordingly for an exhaust fan to work. Exhaust fans come with differently rated CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) this rating helps to know the estimation of how much air the fan can expel over an interval. This means a big bathroom demands a high rated CFM fan. Visit this site to read more on fans.

There are certain types of exhaust fans, and the most commonly used is Ceiling Mounted exhaust fan. This fan comes with added lights and decorative features and is directly installed in the ceiling of the bathroom. The fan pulls the moist air with the help of downward vent, and the internal motor of fan expels the air through ductwork directly to outdoor.

Another fan is a Wall Mounted exhaust fan. This fan is directly installed in the interior or exterior wall of the bathroom. The cathedral ceilings or the ones having less above space requires such fans. The wall mounted fans are free from ductworks, its blower fan draws the humid air out of the wall to the exterior area. The Special Combination Unit exhaust fans come in different shapes, sizes and colors and with extra features likeheat,light, humidity sensors, etc. These features are also provided in the ceiling and mount fans which cause the customer to pay little extra than the regular ones.

Another best-considered fan is the Inline exhaust fan which is installed in the joist in the attic space above the ceiling area. This fan reduces the sound and has multiple exhaust points. The installation of the fan depends on the model selected for the use. The wiring of the fan can be connected to the light switch which would operate the light and the fan at the same time, or it can also be connected to a separate switch to run individually. The best way to remove the humidity and dirt is to run the fan after shower for about fifteen minutes; this shall dry the floor and the air. For the fans to work efficiently, the ductwork should be kept to a minimum length. Manifold turns of the wires may let the fan to disrupt and hamper the motor work. Therefore for better service, a good CFM exhaust fan rated by the manufacturer should be selected for the use in bathrooms.

Any types of exhaust fan take time to remove the muggy air so at least run it for 30minutes after using the bathroom. With the advancement of technology companies like Havells, Atomberg, Crompton Greaves, etc., manufacturers designed and décor high-quality exhaust fans with useful features.

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