How Can A Solicitor Assist You When You Have Been The Accused Of A Crime?

Accused Of A Crime

Being arrested and accused of a crime is one situation that absolutely no law-abiding citizen wants to find themselves in.

You need all the moral and professional help that you can get when you are in this kind of predicament.

A solicitor is going to be able to assist you in various different ways when you have been accused of a crime.

1) Police Station Representation

2) Court Representation

3) Bail Representation

4) Appeal Case Representation

Representation At A Police Station

When you are arrested, you can use a phone call to request the presence of a solicitor who is well-versed in the criminal law.

The knowledgeable criminal solicitors in Yorkshire can sit by your side whilst you are being questioned by the police. They will advise you which questions that you need to answer in order to comply with the law, and which questions can be met with no comment.

This is a vital step of the process because you might not understand some of the questions that are being put to you, or you may give information that you can legally withhold.

Representation In Court Proceedings

A solicitor will be able to build a case for you when it is time for you to stand before a judge in court. Every case is different, but they will have enough experience to know how to present the best possible case on your behalf.

This is vital because you might not have enough legal knowledge to represent yourself competently. The lawyer is going to constantly assess ways in which your innocence can be proved beyond doubt.

Representation In Bail Proceedings

All but the most serious crimes will have the option for bail. This means that you do not have to stay in custody whilst you await the upcoming trial. The lawyer will argue on your behalf at bail proceedings.

They will outline the reasons why you should be let out on bail and why this is not going to affect the safety and well-being of the general public. Acquiring bail will ensure that you get to spend precious time with your family and friends before the court hearing takes place.

Representation In Appeal Cases

If you happen to lose a court case, do not get discouraged. Your appeal can be heard in a higher court. Again, you do not need to build the case by yourself. Instead, a lawyer will make the case for your conviction to be overturned. They will make sure that all the required documents are prepared in advance of the appeal so that you are not going to be wasting time.


Every stage of a criminal case can be handled by a lawyer who has received the correct training. They will make sure that you are fully aware of your rights and they will give you realistic expectations about your case.

Some firms offer a “no win no fee” service, although this is much rarer in criminal cases than others.

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