Ho Best To Use Cushions In Your Living Rooms

Ho Best To Use Cushions In Your Living Rooms

Anyone with a passing interest in interior design will have, at some point, considered the addition of cushions to their living room. Modern cushion options are seemingly endless, with hundreds of thousands of different patterns, textures, and fabrics to choose from. In fact, the options are so numerous, it could be concluded that no modern living room is complete without cushions. A full range of cushion are available from Montgomery Cushion Covers.

However, cushions do cause concern for some members of the buying public. If you have looked at living room cushions for sale and wondered how exactly they should be used, read on for three simple tips…

Tip #1: Less is more

There are thousands of different options to choose from when it comes to cushions. This is undoubtedly a positive – everyone likes to have a choice – but can lead to over-purchasing. When it comes to actually living with cushions on a practical level, less is definitely more. If you use too many cushions, then the finished look won’t be cosy and comfortable; it is liable to be cluttered and overdone.

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule as to how many cushions would constitute “too many”. The decision as to how many cushions you should use depends almost entirely on the size of the piece of furniture. For example, a sofa is likely to be able to hold more cushions than an armchair.

However, there is a general rule we can offer in regard to cushion numbers: always choose the lowest amount. If you think a piece of furniture could hold three to four cushions, opt for three – the lower number will almost always be the better choice.

Tip #2: Colour and/or pattern match for extra cohesion

Cushions are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, but to achieve the best overall aesthetic for your living room, try to colour coordinate your cushions with other elements of your living room. Opt to match the colour or pattern of your cushions with elements such as rugs, curtains, and even the wall paint that you choose. This helps to create a stronger, more stylised finish.

Tip #3: Avoid directly sitting on your cushions

Most people assume that cushions are for sitting on; for adding an extra level of comfort to your living room furniture. While cushions can perform this role, it will greatly diminish each cushion’s aesthetic appeal. When cushions are sat on, they quickly lose their shape, and the colour fastness of the external surface can begin to fade. As a result, it is usually preferable to use some cushions to enhance comfort, while others are only used for style benefits.

Alternatively,you could decide that you will use one cushion for both style and function. You do have to be aware though that the cushion will lose its looks far quicker. To combat this, opt for removable cushion covers. Then you can just replace the inner section rather than the whole cushion if/when it begins to lose its shape.

In conclusion

Used correctly, cushions can add an extra dimension to your living room. This is particularly beneficial if you are seeking to create a cozy, comfortable, Hygge-style space. The tips above should help you to achieve this goal, and then you can enjoy the style enhancement that cushions are able to offer you – enjoy!

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