Heated Windshield Wipers and What Else?

Heated Windshield Wipers and What Else

Winter is coming soon so its time to break out the scraper or heated windshield wipers. Winter means freezing weather and icy conditions.  It also means iced-up, frigid cars.  If you’re dreading what’s coming, here are some car accessories to make that awfully long wait for spring go by just a little more quickly:

  • Seat Heaters. When blustery winds are blowing, imagine sitting down onto nice, toasty seat. That cold morning commute won’t seem so bad anymore. The cost for seat heaters range from in price from high to low, so most can afford this luxury, especially if they the kind that you just lay over your seat. Be careful about those you have to install into your car’s electrical system. If you don’t know what you’re doing, have a professional help you.
  • All Season or Winter Tires. If snow appears on the road at any time at all in your area, you need proper tires to safely operate your vehicle. All season tires a great time and cost saving middle ground for moderate snow falling area.  If you, however, live where blizzards are a constant, you should consider winter tires for safety’s sake.
  • All Season Floor Mats. If winter sludge and ice pummel your car’s interior, all season floor mats are a great way to protect them. They’re usually made of vinyl or rubber and are reasonably priced.  There’s a downside, though – you have to clean them.

Be careful and make sure that the mats fit.  Slippage could cause a safety hazard and interfere with operating your pedals. Such caused an issue with Toyota floor mats and triggered a recall several years earlier.

  • Winter Emergency Kit. This is a must have. Though rare, there are accounts of people being trapped in storms and having to wait hours, even days, for help.  And, while you may be the best driver ever, you can’t control the weather or the potential for something hazardous to occur. You can purchase a kit already preassembled or make one yourself.  Kits include:
  • reflective triangles
  • flares
  • cloth/paper towels
  • first-aid kit
  • cell phone
  • tire chain
  • small shovel
  • gloves
  • traction aid (e.g. kitty litter)
  • tools (hammer, screwdriver)
  • water
  • nonperishable food
  • clothes
  • Pair of gloves
  • blanket
  • Heated Windshield Wiper Blades. These blades improve visibility, prevent ice and snow from clogging the blades, eliminate the need for drivers to pull over and scrape their windshields, and lessen the need for wiper fluid.   Make sure you purchase properly fitting blades and, if you cannot install them yourself and/or are unsure, have a professional install them for you.

As noted in the emergency kit, carrying extra blankets, water, and food, are a winter must, especially if you live in a rural area.  The key is to always be prepared.  You’ll be warmer, safer, and much happier.

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