Guide on How to Select the Right Air-Conditioner

Guide on How to Select the Right Air-Conditioner

There are several different models of AC manufactured by different companies in the world. This can easily confuse a less informed buyer. Due to this reason, for many buyers, selection of an air conditioner is not an easy task. To ease your search, it is important to gain enough technical knowledge about the machine.

What should be the ideal size/tonnage for your requirements?

Voltas air conditioners are designed to effectively fulfill the diverse range of their customers. When selecting an air conditioner, you need to consider the size or tonnage. The word ‘ton’ implies to the heat that is removed by the AC in an hour. This is measured in terms of “British Thermal Units” or BTU. The rating of BTU is directly proportional the cooling capacity of a room. Higher the BTU more will be capacity of an air conditioner to cool a place.

  • 1 ton is equivalent to 12K BTU per hour
  • 2 ton is equivalent to 24K BTU per hour

This implies that for a smaller room, 1-ton AC would be sufficient and if you have a larger room, then you should consider buying an AC of 2-ton capacity. Along with the size of the room, the tonnage of your AC also depends on several factors such as city of usage, no. of people, season, and no. of appliances in room. is the most trusted website to perform price comparison on AC models by top companies.

In peak summer season, it is hot and humid. This needs more tonnage to effectively cool a room. Also, daytime is comparatively hotter than night, so tonnage requirement to be required is more during the day and less during the night. So, when deciding the tonnage, you need to pay attention to the peak summer day and make the selection accordingly.


Efficiency is the second very important technical aspect that you need to consider when choosing an air conditioner. Efficiency in defined in the form of output/input. Energy Efficiency Ratio, EER is defined as Amount of heat an AC removed every hour/ Amount of power an AC consumes. So, in terms of units it is BTU/hr/watt.

This ratio implies that the AC is highly efficient when it eliminates higher amount of heat every hour for every unit of energy consumed by it. Mitashi is amongst the top performing and highly reliable brands that manufacture the most efficient AC.

COP or Co-efficient of Performance

COP of an AC is defined as:

The amount of heat eliminated in Watt/energy, consumed by an AC in W. There is no unit of COP. An AC is considered to be efficient when it has higher value of the COP. The relation between COP and EER is defined as:

EER = 3.412 * COP


Getting a good knowledge of an AC machine is very important to make the right decision. By comparing different machines on the basis of its technical aspects and price, can help you make an informed buying decision.

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