Great Mesa Island Facts to Find in Exploring Mesa Island

Exploring Mesa Island

Indonesia has many great places to visit for holiday. Even, spending years will not enough to enjoy the whole great tourism spots offered by this country. If you have a whole week to spend for holiday, then there are many destinations. If you love to see great nature, then Komodo National Park can be good choice for holiday. This national park has become the home of Komodo dragon. This is the home of ancient lizard. As its name, it is the only ancient lizard that can survive from the natural selection and this national park is the only original place to find this exotic animal. The lizard is quite big and it has several great things to explore. Of course, the national park is not only about this great lizard. In fact, there are also several great islands to explore around the Komodo Island. Mesa Island is one of them. There are Mesa Island facts that can make people more interested to visit this island while they are in the area of Komodo National Park.

Mesa Island has become alternative destinations when people are enjoying their days in the Komodo National Pak. Tourists guide mostly will also take the tourists to this island. This island become home for around 1,500 people and the local people in here is called “Baju”. Of course, there are interesting Mesa Island facts to find. One of them is about their hospitality. They will always give harm welcome for the visitors or tourists visiting this island. Although the view may not be special, yet the life of local people can be good things to explore. They have good tradition that can show the greatness of tradition of Indonesia and its cultural heritage. One of the heritages can be found in their way of building house. Their traditional house is built above the water, and this can be nice point to find in this island.

Then, other interesting Mesa Island facts can be about their name. The local person is called as Baju, but some people also call them as the sea gypsies. This may be related to their origin and their way of life. In this case, most of them are fisherman. Sea has become their second home and it is great to see some people preparing their fishing equipments before they are going to the sea. Then, in the afternoon, people can start to find good spot since it is possible to see beautiful sea and sunset from this island. There may not be great tourism spots to find in this island, yet the local people and their daily life provides something different that can be explored in this area of national park. Of course, these Mesa Island facts can give great experience. After that, then tourists can spend their holiday to explore other islands around this national park and there will be no disappointment since there are many great experiences to find when they are spending their time to explore the whole area of national park. This can give great holiday experience.

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