Five more new interior trends to try in 2019

Five more new interior trends to try in 2019

There are many exciting ways to revamp your interior décor, so let’s take a look at five more of the hottest trends to try in 2019.

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1. Terrazzo returns

With mid-century styles in vogue, terrazzo designs have impacted 2019’s fashion forecasts. Terrazzo comprises chips of quartz, marble, glass and granite. It has a confetti-like appearance and can be used in everything from lamps to flooring and tiles.

2. Statement ceilings

Pantone releases new shades every year, causing great excitement. We are a little fed up with accent walls; however, ceilings are the business and have not been so fashionable since the 1920s. This era featured elaborate moulded ceilings; today, your ceiling can again make a statement and you can choose to lacquer, paint or wallpaper it in addition to the previously-mentioned mouldings. This can make your whole room seem brighter and bigger.

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3. Curved furnishings

Curved soft furnishings became popular in the 1960s but then attracted ridicule; today, they offer something fresh, with rigid lines being considered passé. Curves bring sensuality to a room; for example, a curved velveteen sofa will bring a graceful outline to an otherwise masculine room. Curved lines have appeared on table tops and rugs recently; now, their domination of seating and sofas has created a 2019 design trend. If you don’t want the curvaceous look to dominate, you can simply place a utility bench or side chair.

4. Tribal and geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are always stylish thanks to their attractive symmetry; however, tribal and ethnic prints go in and out of fashion around every 15 years as tastes change. These designs bring familiarity, warmth and style to even the smallest of rooms, flying in the face of today’s rather limiting and strict approach to interior design. If you prefer not to go full-on, consider small ways to cherish the ethnic style with pillows, linens and throws, and small framed prints.

5. Be eco-aware

With the environment in crisis, we love to see new trends that feature attractive designs and spare the planet. Whether your recompose leftover materials, make live plant walls or use energy-saving appliances, you need to be mindful of preserving the planet’s resources.

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