Finding the Best Look for your Job Interview

Finding the Best Look for your Job Interview

There’s a lot riding on your appearance when you’re job hunting.  Not only does your resume have to be up to date, your look should also reflect the current trends in dressing for your industry. If you want to find the appropriate attire for an interview, look no further than Charles Tyrwhitt.  They stock the items you should own when you need to look your best.  If you’re seeking a promotion or a lateral move, start by looking in the mirror, then look at the calendar, because the time of year will have an effect on your chances of getting hired.

There are plenty of reasons why a job becomes available.  If a company is hiring within, many times there will be a new title created that an employee can move into.  Other times, mergers create opportunities to increase the size of the workforce in new divisions of the company.  And we all know that some coveted jobs never seem to open until someone dies or retires.  The important thing is to be ready to swoop in and wow them with your best assets.  There issome argument as to whether the Chinese word for crisis means “danger and opportunity”, but there is truth in the old saying as a young man found out when he tried time and again to get hired by a television station.  After months of calling and asking around for openings he might qualify for, the opportunity to work came at last when the station was extremely busy.  Fires, an earthquake, political fallout and a celebrity scandal all peaked at once and strained the news crews to the max.  To cover a hot breaking news event, the executive producer needed extra help so badly the guy was hired.

You don’t need a crisis to buy from Charles Tyrwhitt.  But a Groupon would help.  They offer codes that will unlock unbelievable saving on the signature looks Tyrwhitt is best known for, like their super comfy dress shirts.  Shirts so well made and versatile even heads of state swear by them.  Fall is an excellent time to stock up on items from Charles Tyrwhitt.  You want to be ready when January and February roll around because those are two of the best months to look for work.  Many companies are flush with cash and can fill new positions at that time of the year.  Shop now so you’ll be ready when the next dangerous opportunity arrives.

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