Explore the Natural Beauty of Bhopal in Your Own Way

Natural Beauty of Bhopal

There are many places in India where the natural beauty far out shadows the manmade work. Some of these places are Mussoorie, Pondicherry, Kashmir, Mount Abu etc. One less known place where there is a lot of natural beauty is the city of Bhopal. Not many around India know that Bhopal is a place of awesome natural beauty. There are several good places here where you can explore nature in your own way.

Before visiting Bhopal and exploring the amazing nature that it has to offer, you need to make sure that you have a comfortable place to stay. There are several hotels and motels in Bhopal where you can find a good accommodation and food. With some good research, you can find good hotels in Bhopal with rates that are not too high or extravagant. Once you have a base at Bhopal, you can go on your adventures and explore the natural beauty. There are several places to visit here that will astound you, these are –

Bhoj Wetland

The Bhoj wetland is an amazing combination of flora and fauna located at one place. The wetlands are fuelled by the heavy rains that hit nearby areas. The clayey soil in the Bhoj area holds a lot of water and hence creates a wetland here. When trouncing though this area, you might encounter water snakes, which is something you need to be very careful about. But this area is a beautiful sight to see and you can view a large area covered by shallow water and plants.

BadiJheel Lake

The BadiJheel lake is located in Bhopal and is a good tourist spot to visit. It is a rather big lake when compared to the other lakes in the surrounding areas. It is often seen to be covered with mosses, especially during the rainy season when water is plentiful. There are several patches of trees in some areas surrounding the lake which is also good to see and experience. You can even go in a car or bike around the lake as it is a massive lake with a road leading all around it. It makes for a good place to have a peaceful evening run too. You can see a lot of elderly people walking around this area. If you want easy access to this area, then you can book one of the hotels in Bhopal railway station area.

Vardhaman Park

The VardhamanPark is a place that has a lot of natural beauty. Although it has been fenced, this area has a lot of trees that are native to the region. Some of these trees blossom multiple times a year which gives the park a colourful look that is a sight to behold. The government has spent a lot to maintain this park in international standards. Because of this reason, you see a lot of visitors pouring in from all over India as well as the world.

Therefore, you have just learnt a few places of natural beauty in Bhopal, hope you enjoy the journey!

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