Does Joining a Luxury Drug Rehab Makes Any Difference?

Luxury Drug Rehab

Luxury rehab provides the peace that addicts need to recover from their addiction. At the rehab, the staff and other participants will respect you. No one will laugh and make fun of you and incite you to take drugs like at a traditional rehab. Traditional rehab is for people with lower income and uneducated so they may be rude towards you. At a luxury rehab, you are given a comfortable private or semi private room.

You can opt for a short term or long term rehab stays. Short term rehab stays typically lasts for 28 – 30 days while long term rehab stays last for 90 days or longer. Some rehab requires you to stay a minimum length of period. There are also other rehab that will perform evaluation to determine the best length of stay for the patient.

The first phase that you experience is the detox phase. Detox can last for 3-7 days. To determine the length of the detox, they will first want to know the type of drug you are using. For example, it takes about 1 week for heroin to be cleared out of your system in the detox phase. Please visit to find out more about it.

Rapid detox can last for 3 days. During a rapid detox, the patient is given anesthesia and treated to have the drug removed from their system. Rapid detox is only available for certain drugs. Sometimes, the doctor will replace drugs like opiate with other comparable drugs. This prevent the patient from craving for opiate. However, eventually, you will also have to undergo detox to get rid of the prescription drug from your system.

Certain drugs do not cause the patient to show withdrawal symptoms. In this case, a shorter length of rehab program will be more suitable for you. Detox can be a complicated and painful process. Patients can demonstrate symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and etc when they are undergoing the detox process. You can always talk to your therapist when dealing with emotions.

Group peer therapy is the most important form of therapy provided at the luxury drug rehab center. In group therapy, everyone sits in a circle to share information that can encourage other drug addicts to keep up their progress. Individual therapy is often also offered at a luxury drug rehab even though there is still not yet any evidence that it yield positive outcome on the patients. The luxury rehab understand the importance of physical fitness so they have on site gym where you can work out. Exercising can encouraging your body to release endorphins that has the ability to increase your mood level.

Many people assume that they are fully recovered when they reach the end of the treatment program. The truth is that you can still relapse if you can’t overcome the temptations that you face. You will face lots of temptations and life challenges after you exit the rehab. One way to maintain sobriety is to participate in an aftercare plan.

The counselor will work with you on creating the aftercare planning when you are going to complete the treatment program. The plan aims to help you successfully transition from the treatment facility into the society where you will face with the reality of life. Participating in an aftercare plan can increase your chances of maintaining a full recovery. Examples of aftercare programs are outpatient treatment, psychotherapy, and medication management.

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