Documents Needed for Car Insurance Claim

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A perfect way to protect your car from unfortunate incidences is by getting car insurance online from a reliable insurance company. Buying cost effective car insurance will save you from major losses in case of any incident.

What happens in the case of an accident?

Get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible – even if you are away from the residence or somebody else caused the mishap. It doesn’t matter where the accident happened. If your car insurance policy is serviceable, you stay insured all over the country.

If your vehicle gets stolen, notify your insurance company instantly after lodging a FIR. The insurance company will manage the claim process as your supporter.

Some of the information you need to keep in handy to file car insurance claim online or offline are:

  • Your phone number
  • Insurance policy number
  • Name of policy holder
  • Car number and its model
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Description of loss
  • Place where accident happened

We also provide the documents you have to keep ready in the event of a claim filing:

  • You need to have the car insurance policy document that you have purchased online or offline
  • Your original driving license, and driving license of the person behind the wheels at the time of incident
  • Copy of Tax Receipt, RC Book (with Original)
  • The details of the garage where the vehicle is going to get repaired
  • Police FIR or Panchnama (In case of body injury or death)
  • After completion of the repairs, you will need to keep the bills ready to present to the insurance company

There might be cases where the compensation needs to be paid to the person repairing the car. In such a case, you will need a claims discharge and satisfaction voucher signed across a revenue stamp.

 If you have taken car insurance online or offline, you will need below documents in theft cases:

  • Original insurance Policy Document
  • Original RC Book, with tax payment receipt and Theft endorsement from concerned RTO
  • And previously mentioned details such as Policy number and insurance tenure
  • Original car keys and servicing booklet
  • Police FIR and Judicial Magistrate court report or final investigation report
  • Letter of Indemnity and Subrogation from a notary that is near the local court

After filing the claim, you will get a call from your Client Servicing Manager. You need to give the above details as applicable. The CSM will then provide his assessment of the accident details and repair needs. Once the payout is done, the value of the salvage and depreciation is determined.

So, these all were the main documents and details you will be needed to provide when you raise a claim against any car insurance policy you taken online or through any representative.

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