Condominiums and Town homes for Sale in San Diego, CA

Condominiums and Townhomes for Sale in San Diego, CA

Are you a first time house buyer? Or are you seeking a second home from a rental perspective as also capital appreciation perspective?

Look no further as we are offering a brand new development from Next Space Development. There are stand alone houses as also Condominiums and Town Homes for Sale in San Diego, CA. The precise location is at Point Loma in San Diego California and the project is named 15 on Jarvis.

On offer are an exclusive 2 and 3 bedroom Town Houses with 2 1/2 washrooms.

Some of the exclusive features of the homes on offer in this new development would be:

#1 Sweeping Vistas of the Pacific Ocean

Point Loma is a relaxedseaside neighborhood of San Diego. The word Loma means Hill in Spanish.

Situated on a hilly peninsula which is bordered on the west and south by The Pacific Ocean, on the east by San Diego Bay and San Diego Old Town. On the North is the San Diego River. 

#2 A Community with a History

Point Loma has history too – it was the landing point for 1st European expedition to come on shore in present-day California. The peninsula is eponymously described as “where California began”. As on date, Point Loma has two major military bases, a national cemetery, a national monument, and a university, in addition to residential and commercial areas.

Point Loma never had any indigenous settlements owing to the lack of fresh water.

#2 Small Population and less densely populated

In 2010, Point Loma’s population was less than 50000. Spread over an area of 4,400 acres it translates into an extremely low density of population of 11 persons per acre. 

#3 Unique Neighborhoods

Point Loma is in the vicinity of some unique neighborhoods. Infact Point Loma streets are also lined up with Jacaranda trees – a result of sustained man made beautification efforts. A very modern and upmarket commercial retail area is at the Liberty Station – this was the former location of a Naval Training Centre in San Diego.

In addition the Midway District at the northern tip of the peninsula also hosts primarily commercial and industrial developments.

Shelter Island is also home to several hotels, restaurants, marinas, and public parks.

North of Point Loma lies La Playa – a bayside residential area.

Roseville also known as Tunaville due to its tuna fishing fleet is also in the neighborhood.

Loma Portal which features bay side low rise hills is a scenic area too. 

# 4 Fauna

For the nature lover, Point Loma offers a lot of species of wild animals as also birds. Over 300 birds have been found in Point Loma alone.

# 5 Educational Facilities

Several private and public and charter schools offering elementary, middle and high school level education.

Post secondary education facility is also offered in a neighborhood liberal arts college.

Post-secondary education is offered at Point Loma Nazarene University, a Christian liberal arts college whose ocean-view campus was once the home of the Theosophical Society.[17] The Peninsula also has a branch campus of the San Diego Community College District.

# 6 Interstate Freeways

Interstate # 8 serves Point Loma. There are also California State Routes in this area. Most roads offer a grid pattern for traffic. 

#7 Economic Activities in the neighborhood

The main economic engines of Point Loma are:

#8What 15 on Jarvis Offers in terms of Amenities

  • Tubs and Walk in Showers in every master washroom
  • Carpeted floors in every bedroom
  • Private Sun Deck on rooftop
  • Sub Terranean car parking for 2 cars per unit
  • Kohler plumbing and fixtures
  • Instant water heaters
  • Laminated Cabinets
  • Tiled Backsplashes in kitchens
  • Centralized Airconditioning and Heating 


Point Loma offers a superb seaside community living standard replete with all modern facilities. 15 on Jarvis is a prime residential development which offers superb value for money. If you are looking for an idyllic and irenic town house living this is the residential propertyyou should be seeking for yourself as also for your family.

15 on Jarvis will also give you great rental yields as also price appreciation for the property in the future.

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